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Welcome to The Hunters Lair! Introduce yourselves here!


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Hello everyone! Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Ian and I am from Perth, Australia. I have wanted to start my Predator build for many a year now and finally thought now is the time. Really looking forward to seeing everyones builds and hopefully gaining some helpful tips along the way. If there are any Predator gatherings happening in Perth at any stage, I would love to be a part of it. Happy building!

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Hi.  I think I was Turuk'eya on the original site and Fayne on theRPF.  I think I joined around 2010 and had some pages on bios I was sculpting.  I only finished 1 of 3 as life got in the way then after yrs a semi decided to plow through my car.  I'm finally doing some suits.  I got a P2esque one from predatrhuntr @ nightmarefx on Etsy and the last p1 from corefx/predatorskin before he stopped making them.  Not sure who got the molds. 


I have a lot to do for these 2 characters but these guys got me well on my way.  The wolf bio I was sculpting is still around and I really like the shape so it's likely gonna be its own thing instead of wolf and finally get done 2024.  Fingers crossed.  Doing a set of hurried hands for the P2 just to get him done with the plan of making better ones after the suits are done.  Left hand has 2 colors of rubber so far and both will have a lot left to do even as a hurry job.


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Welcome back! Glad to have you. Seems like you are busy at work and well on your way with these builds!

Don't be shy about making a suit build thread and continually posting your progress. We love that kind of action here.

Be sure to join our Facebook group. There is a lot of activity there also.


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