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  1. I remember these statues. So wicked. Thanks for sharing that.
  2. Yea brother,it would be huge honor 🙌🏼
  3. HEZ always had some paint to sling on bios. I’ll have to grab one atSL some point from you. Wicked job and good to see you back HEZ.
  4. Killed this statue Lee!!! I just saw one of these statues on eBay about a month ago. They’re still around.
  5. I remember when you painted this. I believe I shipped it to you for Steve when he bought it. Steve’s P2 suit came from me. I had all the raw pieces with the intention of building it. The under mask was a Bob Bagy P2, the chest/shoulder/back was ol DB (Daniel Bravo) armor I got from Casey (Quality Props). Gaunts we’re from Chuck (Ruffkin). Now I’m wishing I had this for me 😂
  6. Holy shit,it’s Julie!!! Welcome back. I still have your awesome P1 electronic gauntlet you did for me. Good to see you back in the jungle.
  7. I’m right there with you Gene. Everyone and everything is print files now. It’s all over all the socials. Still a fan of the clay slinging 😏👍🏼👍🏼
  8. Right on Jose, welcome to the jungle man. I follow you on IG and that some Great stuff.
  9. Welcome all. This is cool to see some familiar names. Been a long time
  10. Pointy things!! A must for every hunter. Awesome arsenal!!!
  11. ERNIE!!! Awesome to see you here. Long time!!! Hope all had been well
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