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Samurai Shinto Bio Helmet
First finished bio helmet.

Red samurai armor inspired.

Thanks for the inspiration Rob!



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Post in Silicone Hands.
Progress on a wolf ish color scheme ( basically more yellow undertones compared to p1
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Eva foam plasma caster update
Just finished my plasma caster and mounted it on my pack and I love how it looks even used a pan tilt canera mount to make it move  

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Haven't found right pose yet... trial and error
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Beserker Bio (prototype
PROTOTYPE Berserker (Mr. Black) Helmet 

This helmet is made of urethane rubber, with a layer of fiberglass cloth lining the interior. It is painted a dark, reddish gray. The helmet features Berserker’s signature Predator jaw sculpted out of the urethane and painted to mimic dirty bone with sharp teeth on the front and sides of the jaw. This jaw differs slightly from the one ultimately used in the film on the final masks. Designed to appear battle damaged, this piece features some dirt and scratches applied to the prototype as a means to visualize how the helmet would look on film, although it was not ultimately used.

Image and description from www.propstore.com
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3D Design!
Hello! I am Leggs, and over the past few years I've been learning how to sculpt in a program called Blender. Blender is a free program with plenty of resources and tutorials online that can help just about anyone start sculpting. After seeing Prey I knew I had to sculpt the Feral Predators helmet. I first started with collecting screenshots from the film and blocking out the basic shape. sculpt1

Very shortly after reaching this point all of the Behind the scenes images started being released which prompted me to quickly...start over.

sculpt #2 was already off to a great start, but admittedly with the frequency of references being released i soon got a bit overwhelmed and restarted a 3rd and 4th time. Unfortunately i do not have many screenshots of these two sculpts. 

I felt fairly confident in this 4th sculpt, I even tried to use Blenders vertex paint tools to try and mockup some color. Admittedly shading and applying textures/colors to models is not my strongest skill. Finally after another week of fiddling, noodling, and other various refining, i finally homed in on something that I felt confident in test printing.

I'm SURE that its not 100% accurate but its good enough for me, for now. Chances are I'lll work on this again in the future, still feels like some of the proportions are just.....not quite there yet.


What do you think? I'd love to hear any kind critiques and constructive criticisms!
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