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Elder Head (Greyback)

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Greetings all!

I wanted to break down the process of how I created my elder predator bust/mask for anyone who was ever interested in trying to do something similar. 


Ultimately, the idea stems from the creation of the original elder and how those talented artists at Stan Winston Studios brought the predator known as Greyback to life. Utilizing a head from the original predator film, they modified the mask by adding foam latex prosthetics to give the creature minor variations that set it apart from the Jungle Hunter as seen in P1. 

I decided to do the same. Using one of my own P1 masks that I sculpted (the process of which can be read here... 

https://www.thehunterslair.com/topic/2745-p1-jungle-hunter-mask/ ), I used foam clay to make new mandibles and a ton of little horns in various sizes. Once those were firm, I attached them to the mask. I then made a mixture of cabopatch (part prosaide/part fumed silicate) and applied that to the forehead to create a more pronounced, wrinkled texture than was found in my original sculpt. 


Once that was dry, it was time to paint and bring the elder to life, liver spots, and all. Utilizing reference photos from Stan Winston Studios was the best route to see the colors and patterns on the original, along with some additional photos I found here on the Lair and elsewhere. 


Once I was wrapping up completion of the painting, I began making the quills, dreads, and the numerous styles of beads that would adorn the dreads. In reality, that was one of the most time-consuming parts, I ended up sculpting and molding a lot of dread beads.


Then came the painting of each to look like various metals, bone, wood, and attaching leather, teeth, and all the other fun little things that would make even Jack Sparrow envious.

Fortunately for the long bead strands that dangle among the dreads, I just utilized store bought beads for those and strung various color combinations that resembled what the original sported. 



And so that's how my Greyback mask/bust came to be. Hope you enjoyed it, and remember that if you're ever contemplating starting on your own build but holding back because you're unsure how it'll turn out or worry you'll mess up, stop fretting. Don't hesitate any longer. You're in one of the best places you can be for support and knowledge right here at The Hunter's Lair. There's a wealth of resources right at your fingertips and a whole community of fans who treasure this 'ugly mother fuc***' just as much as you, that'll be by your side every step of the way along your own costuming journey! 🤙


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