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Welcome to The Hunters Lair! Introduce yourselves here!


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Hi there, I was sadly never a member of the original forum; it was a little before my time in terms of being on the internet for social media. I'm excited to get a chance to experience the community now though!

I mostly sketch digitally, but am finally going to be able to set up a proper work station for painting, customizing, and sculpting this year! I'm mostly a collector, although I did own a suit for a couple years. Sadly latex doesn't agree with me much so I never wore it. If I branch into suits it will have to be silicon. (Latex neck rings, & foam dreads are fine!) I'd love to produce some sculptures of my own, with my ultimate goal being 1:1 busts.

Like so many here I found Predator/Alien as an ankle-biter. A local arcade has a classic AVP machine, and that was my first taste. Evidently I've been hooked ever since!

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Im jose, im from puerto rico, hence the user name, i was formely known as made007, when i joined back in 2011, i never thought of sculpting and becoming a costume maker or prop maker, but the ones that been following my creations knows that escalated quickly loL

and it all started here

you can find me on ig and facebook with the same user name, @pr_props and i hope i can help as much as i can here and share my predator creations with yall, glad to see the lair coming back, much love 

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Welcome James and Ada! Way cool that you guys dress up together. Gotta ask about the cosplay origin story? Somebody dare you to dress up as a Predator?

Costumes looks great. The paint on your P1 Bio looks great. I really dig the red / spotted city hunter style paint on a set of Jungle hunter skins.

Glad to have you guys.

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Thanks for the path back to the Home world!

I'm Ei'luj, (actually Eiluj; no apostrophes allowed :0 ) and was on the Lair starting around 2007 and when I heard about the site coming back up, I re-upped.

I have been doing suits n accessories beginning in 2007 and got started on account of the later movies.

Again I am so glad to be back.

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Hey Guys, I'm Stu (ScottishWolf) and brand new to the Hunters Lair. A fan of Predator since the original release in '87 and been cosplaying (Mostly Seymour and Audrey II) since 2005. I've been cosplaying Wolf for the last couple years. 

Was told about this forum by Lwoff0677, and here I am! Picture of myself in costume attached below.

Look forward to reading and replying the rest of the forum!



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