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25 minutes ago, Inkmonster said:

That's the guy who won one of the seasons of Face Off. I didn't think he made that I thought he was wearing the screen used suit

Where did you hear it was a movie suit?

That sounds awful crazy that he would get something like that?


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Not quite finished or polished enough to start its own thread just yet, but my current sculpt of the main bone portion of Ferals helmet. I've been working through different iterations for the past week, it seems like references/conceptart were released every other day. 




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Looks really good. I am fascination with 3D artwork. I have zero exposure to it.

The "how" fascinates me. It's probably in my future to learn.

Any chance you have time and/or are interested in doing a video tutorial? I am a big fan of pushing artists to the top. We could feature your video on the site/FB etc. Get some exposure?

Food for thought. 👍

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I made a version of the prey bio using Anubisstudios 3d model before more accurate ones were releasing. I added foam to the end of the model due to it being too short for my predator mask build and my predator eyes are being shown on the side of the helmet which i solved using foam on the sides as well. F3C9E875-92EC-4F81-AFA5-03B537E8F70D.thumb.jpeg.5714658052020c9631cfec3da949bf9a.jpeg97B6754E-0EA7-4B87-84F4-A52BE10B80DB.thumb.jpeg.ccf264f98bf285c44ef801b6c069e712.jpegDD375859-8D5B-42FC-A8D6-CB43687BF467.thumb.png.e2adf2402038f0fb731356976ca0896d.pngA385C989-E295-4E05-8992-97AB60B46297.thumb.jpeg.367696b9c9ca65479465676cf8fec6c5.jpeg2DDD4964-8033-42AB-92FE-92443CA7711F.thumb.jpeg.6e1db8f0f5685482aed2d05d3ad54950.jpegHeres what I have for right now



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En 18/8/2022 a las 3:49, Leggs.obj dijo:

Aún no está lo suficientemente terminado o pulido para comenzar su propio hilo, pero mi escultura actual de la parte principal del hueso del casco de Ferals. He estado trabajando en diferentes iteraciones durante la semana pasada, parece que las referencias/arte conceptual se publicaron cada dos días. 




it looks pretty good. the shapes are quite accurate.

I'll be waiting how this design ends.

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