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New Movie! PREY

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Started a Thread to post and track all progress on the new movie.
Post your opinions and such. Hopefully the movie doesn't suck! We need a win. 





Image below we farmed from the Director's and Kyle Strauts Instagram. Kyle may be involved in the suit wearing/stunt portion of the movie.





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Sorry, but I ain't feelin' it. An advanced species like Predator going after people who are still using primitive weapons seems ridiculous to me. I don't care if they've been on earth a long time. Looking at the guy in the fur suit, I'm wondering if the only challenging prey to fight against are bears. 😕

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I am on board with New Predator suit, armor, helmet. Maybe we will see some new weapons.

At least we will see some new Preds. 

After that all bets are off. No way to tell this early in the game.

It always strikes me weird when directors call down references to other very successful movie. 

Like stating it has a Revenant feel.  It feels like clout stealing to create expectations of greatness. I dunno. 

Just make a good flick. All the elements are there. Native Americans. Predators. Sure, now let's see a tribal version of Predators. Less tech. More hand to hand brutality. Tear off some warriors arms and beat them with it. Drink the blood. Eat their hears and I'm in.


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Prey movie cast:





 Prey is said to take place 300 years ago, focusing on Midthunder's Naru, a skilled warrior of the Comanche Nation.

When one of the first highly-evolved Predators lands on Earth, it's up to Naru to protect her tribe.


Director Danny Trachtenberg:



Prey doesn't have a definitive release date, though it was announced last November that the movie would debut on Hulu this summer.

A trailer should be released in the coming months, which could give audiences a better idea of the influences Prey took from God of War.


All the above was referenced from this online article:


list of movie credits.


Director quote:
“It really resembles The Revenant more than any other film in the Predator canon. You’ll understand what I mean after you see it. ” Davis promised Fox a precise time frame, but he refused to divulge it. “You are free to use your imagination. It is… early in the morning.” So far, no release date for Predator or Skull’s has been set, but with production completed, we should see at least some official video soon. Cutter’s original post may be seen below.


Production designer:
This is a list of her credits.

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Folks - I'm as excited for another Predator film as anyone, but ---I think this thing is going to be another woke shit-show. Two reasons - no theatrical release (dead giveaway) and what I just read in a screen rant article about the film: "New plot details from Production Weekly via (AVP Galaxy) reveal more information on the main character and the movie's filming date. According to the report, Predator 5 will focus on a character named Kee and her younger brother Taabe. Kee is described as a tomboy, who fights against gender norms to prove that she can be just as strong as any male Comanche warrior.” Nothing against strong female leads, but Hollywood just can't stop subverting our favorite franchises into vehicles for liberal ideology. Here's an idea - why not focus on the predators for a change? Here's the article: https://screenrant.com/predator-5-movie-story-details-reveal-comanche-tribe/


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On 6/5/2022 at 1:29 AM, OzzyHuntress said:

The trailer was epic, I’m surprised how some one managed to get a hold of it, but then Disney took it down, some one must of sneaked the footage out and made a quick trailer if it before they found out about it. 

It was probably released by disney to gauge fans reaction, they will possibly clean up a few bits that didnt go down well. and release it officially shortly. trailers dont get leaked accidently or stolen footage like that anymore.

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