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New Movie! PREY

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Trachtenberg reveals why the direct to Hulu release.


In an interview with Uproxx, Trachtenberg opened up about the decision to send the film to Hulu as opposed to theaters despite designing it to be seen with an audience in theaters. Trachtenberg revealed that the decision was made because Disney wanted to release a movie that would draw audiences over to Hulu, and if it was released in theaters it likely would have had to go to HBO as other 20th Century Pictures had in the past due to a prior contract that Disney has to abide by. Trachtenberg addresses the stigma, saying this isn't the same as the old stigma around direct-to-video but instead getting a high-profile cinematic experience at home. Trachtenberg said:

"I mean, look, we made it to be a big theatrical experience and on the downside, it’s not being released that way. So you can’t see in the theater, but on the upside, the thing you’re getting straight into your living room is a giant theatrical experience. It’s not like a straight video dumping ground. It’s like, 'This is a real movie.' There’s so many venues that people want people to experience their, I hate to say the word content… They want things to feel premium. Right? So Hulu hasn’t really had… There hasn’t been a 20th franchise baby that has come out yet. So they’re hoping to really ignite the platform to say, “We’re not just putting out the smaller, lower-budget fare. That this is also a place to have giant cinematic experiences."

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I have a good feeling about this film. It looks like all puzzle pieces are falling into place and this will be a great film to rank up with all our favorite Pred films.

And hopefully we will never see another pile of caca like we did back in 2018. Thank you again Shane Black 🖕

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No spoilers.


Not till at least Monday.


Just to explain why the above member PredOwner was banned.

His inaugural post to the board here was a rude, disrespectful lame ass critique of the new movie which spoiled the ending.

He joined the board  moments before the above edited post specifically to do both of things.

For that. He is not welcome. He was banned.

Any questions shoot me a private message.

We ain't about bullshit here. Go to Twitter/FB for that.


Thank you everyone else for being a part of bringing the Lair back to it former glory.



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