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Bio Helmet: Samurai Shinto Predator


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Mother jacket is complete.

Used a box of plaster bandages that were kicking around the shop. Easy to work with. Slightly messy. Dries fast. Holds strong.

Also very inexpensive.

De-molding will happen tomorrow. I'll try and take a video documenting the process. Maybe reveal the moment on camera.

Thanks for the support folks.

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Absolute perfection, dude. Originally when I did these the thought of actually sculpting them never entered my mind. So, they were not really sculpt-friendly. However, you've proven that to be wrong, and in a big way! That's incredible. It's crazy to see something I scribbled down 16+ years ago in 3-D. Totally blows my mind. Truly inspirational work man. 

Also, I'm glad you mentioned what kind of clay you were using. I'm getting really tired of using ROMA when I did sculpt (been a while.) Tired of the stink, and at this point I don't even know what 'medium' it is. I can vouch for using a toaster oven. They work sooooo well - so much better than a crockpot or bread maker. Except ROMA has a tendency to get a little too hot and the sulfur will actually seperate from the clay itself; I. E. little yellow slivers/chunks. Gross. And not good for the skin! 

Brilliant work my friend.

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Thanks for the vote of confidence Rob. I can speak for all in saying your sketches inspire all of us. They are just so uniquely badass.

Ill be sure to get a casting made for you. I fully expect it to be painted and not sit in a box for a decade. 😁😁

Btw. Do you still have the original sketches?

Ever thought about making full size copies/prints?


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It's pretty thin. I wasn't trying to go super thick on this one.

Checked it again at the shop today. It is thin but the casting resin firmed up nicely. It has proper strength. I'm ok with the thickness. It will end up on my wall for display.


Any ideas on what the paint should be?


This kinda red has been on my mind for a while.

is it too "on the nose" of a paintjob?



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