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  1. Just simple boil and pop softens the plastic or hair dryer. I just use acrylics to paint,all hand painted with cheap brushes I use poor man's set of tools.
  2. Anytime! oh yeah definitely. Oh yeah definitely see it call me crazy I almost thought you where Rob all this time just used different name thatever happened to him? He still around or active? But seriously keep up good work Gene! Thanks! It's one favorites by narinstudios I'm working similar piece but it's neca fig I'm emulating a little bit of Narin and Rob's work I'll eventually get lot my neca re-tooled sculpts up soon. Oh no doubt it add nice touch battle damaged marks,I feel you on that I'm same way with 1/12 stuff it's tiny details that count.
  3. Man you updated the sculpt! Looks amazing Gene I think one favorite things to your designs is gotta be jaw line and how cheeks pinch in like that similar to Celtic bio with tusk pieces. Speaking of suggestions I think be cool with some battle damaged scuffs marks and scratches look mean on the shinto bio.
  4. Thanks man much appreciated! Know right original lacked so much plus I'm know for doing tributes.😉 Oh just basic acrylic paint.
  5. Ohhhh remember this shit wasn't Pete mander huge part of this project? I love his stuff. But this badblood was definitely one of my favorites despite how wasn't really received very well it had some really good points,like idea xenos in being rainforest very reminiscent of avp extinction I got nostalgia from that I swear the badblood in film was either cutting himself or another yautja which made interesting. I know I can't be alone here with some of the stuff I just mentioned lol.
  6. Not bad and I feel you I've learned similar ways with smaller scale most work I do in 7inch scale but full size can't imagine how much pain was go back do over. I'm still learning mold and casting I'm slowly progressing.
  7. I agree I wish they would too but trying get likeness rights is an issue,let's not Sunny Landom rip. There dude on aftermarket sells few custom sculpts but idk there available answer Rob's question. I'm wondering if neca would possibly even get Glover sign on after all these years especially if 33th anniversary creeps around. But lately neca been slacking wasn't because Disney but if your fan of CJ game most recent thing announced was poorly lazy stone heart looks nothing like him accept few things reuse of assassin was just cash grab. I'm still looking forward rest of the Lost tribe just not the price hike. 😑
  8. Well I figured start some of my most current work,I did this over year ago it was repaint I was hell bent on I really capture Jason's work he did for neca when they where making prototype back in 2018. Once this released three years ago that was my goal not mention I wasn't fan of stock paint neca did,lemme just dam... time flies. But he was really fun to do simple repaint I assume some of you may seen original version here. He's really cool love Steven Wang homages they did other artist..I forget idk what neca had agreed on with Wang but I'm glad made him. Lemme know that you guys think! Enjoy stay tuned for more.😉
  9. Rob man you had since day one I guess you say I'm revisiting down memory lane,this shit is insane I remember first I saw your Shogun preds my was mind blown away not P2 art I swear I would have thought you were crash McCreery himself but your styles are different but man I was13yrs old then I'm 33 now lmao😂 Your legend I still rant and rave about ya other side of the net still this day 18-20yrs later. But seeing sculpt is just insane brought to life can't see more! 😄 You are definitely one of my inspirations much respect Rob!
  10. Sup! I'm Mugen,I'm sorta new? Sorta not anyways I'm what brought me back was legendary predatorob,he really had impression me way back 05 with his work he wasn't only one but he's definitely up there. I'm formal avpgalaxy member always tried stay connected with other artists/fans I slowly faded out. By 2015 didn't take me until 2018 come back around Predator fanapp was made met some ok folks there wasn't until the app got dropped they made website kept active,I believe it maybe dead in the water. Well.. folks like Rob I do quite lot art myself as well neca predator figs too lot change since then I'm more involved in sculpting heavy stuff most in 7inch scale I've move past fanart every now and then I'll do something predator related to draw shit out, design stuff rough draw ever detail even if just for figures. But yeah in all seriousness here I'm huge franchise I've always lean towards classices anything by Steve Wang to crash, narinstudios I love the old shit honestly go on all day but yeah up for me the Predator franchise is like the special effects the art of it but I love the creature design overall but that's one reason why I'm here in to connect share my works, nothing beats first two films here I dig predators say least only thing I love about 2018 is the designs really, but yeah so I'm here now looking forward meet new artists, sculpters and more. You can also find me at https://instagram.com/mugen1r_design?utm_medium=copy_link or Twitter for more my work I tend post more on IG every now and then Reddit as well. And figurerealm.
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