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Bio projects!


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I don't sell a lot of these anymore (don't get asked for them!) but I still play around. I think most people who have experimented with custom paintjobs have found that the P1 bio is the most amazing blank canvas to start with. I'll throw a few things up here as we go, but the current one I'm working on is this. I wanted to play around with chrome finishes, so the paint stages have been black, then clear, then the chrome. I sprayed the chrome while the clear was still basically wet, which should bond well with the chrome paint. Chromes are usually not very sturdy finishes. Not sure if I'll leave it as is or add some subtle weathering similar to how they did the Mandalorian helmet.

chrome1.thumb.jpg.bbf817c74b9d3c426c074ad06ce41f76.jpg chrome2.thumb.jpg.6dce6b7a3ccaa2a8908df3fef82eb09e.jpg chrome3.thumb.jpg.7e94099b6b9035caa6459c43912acb97.jpg

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Wow. I've heard of this trick with the black, clear and chrome.

Looks really good as is. So maybe the basic weathering like Mando would be cool?

You are right though, P1 classic bio has so many different possible paintjobs. ICE has done some interesting work in the gallery.

Do you make and sell a Celtic helmet by chance? Bunch of folks are on the hunt for one.

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15 hours ago, MeanGene said:

Do you make and sell a Celtic helmet by chance? Bunch of folks are on the hunt for one.

I have a celtic mould based on the Sideshow bio. I haven't used it in a few years but I'd be happy to dust it off if no one has issues with the sideshow connection. Not sure what the deal is these days with how people view that. People seemed to be fine with it at one point, then they weren't.

Finished the chrome bio though. Just decided to leave it as was and hang it on the wall. Left to right we have carbon fibre, regular, and chrome.

chrome4.thumb.jpg.0a0f00bde23b8a10dba56df2f2f0fd53.jpg wall.thumb.jpg.57cc102cd3095548a7498ace67d458ba.jpg

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