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Embarrassing walk down memory lane.


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Figured id put all my old latex mask sculpts in one place ( all pre silicone so all before 2009 )

Its pretty embarrassing to see these, but maybe itll show you can get better, which i try to all the time.  no real description because they for the most part suck.

starting 2004 open mouth P1









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I can’t believe you can even show your face here after posting those …. 


bastard.. talent from the get go!!

but it has been a privilege to watch you progress as an artist.. 


Signed a devoted HurleyFX fan 

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You guys are trying to weird me out and succeeding!!


thanks for the love and support  🙂

I think the only ones I like are. The. Open mouth p2, which I still have until I sculpt a new p2 for silicone and wolf. 

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41 minutes ago, Lowdmekon said:

That Fem head mate is out the park !! 

It was actually abit of a failure, i never really liked it so i think i only got rid of the test cast as it wasnt up to what i felt was good enough.  live and learn.

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Talk about embarrassed. Wait till I post my first Pred head and bio sculptures.

It's like a bad high school year book photo. lol

Your stuff is a great example of what it means to stick with something and develop a skill over time. It is impressive.




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