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ICEMAN WIP Helmets...


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This be the thread I'll be using for up coming builds and random paint ups on bios. I'll post up on my first post with the completed helmets like I did back day..

I finished helmet for Jann few months ago but once he received it, usps decided to destroy the box. So I'm happy the helmet wasn't destroyed. But does need some repair smh. Omg was pissed... next post will be the pic of the damage. Next week I'll start the repair and get helmet back shipped out to him.


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So here's a Gort I finished for Jann few months ago. He received it damaged apparently; USPS played hockey with the package. In doing this, one of the top fins broke off and took some of the paint with it. So here's repair work I did and repainted that area. So if you ask why I didn't sand down the area where I joined fin back to the helmet? Well kinda wanted a remembrance and kind of looks a weld. I joined both pieces with Glue and under I put down a some fiberglass and built small area back with epoxy putty.




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