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Screen used and production Predator movie props

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Hi Lair, 

So a few know I collect the movie props alongside the replicas. 

Said I'd finally post some pics of my screen used and production Predator film props. 



1 of the dreads




Scar production wristblade

Celtic Production wristblade


Chopper screen used arm scimitars


AVP Elder screen used neck guard and production mini skull

Temple Elder screen used jewel necklace 

Ancient Elder screen used chest armor


Screen used alien nest cocoon section 




Wolf screen used closed shuriken


Wolf screen used claymore mine


Screen used alien hand


Screen used alien head




Screen used animatronic Hellhound 



The Predator:

Fugitive Predator production mask and mandibles.


Nebraksa's test camo shirt


Crew shirt


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Wow Bryan! Got some nice nice pieces in there. The Hell hound animatronic would be fun to play with. I would post it up in the hallway for when the kids leave the bedroom! Hahah. Evil dad.


The screen used Alien head. Is that from ALIENS? or a more recent AVP?
I am not so learned on the Aliens stuff, but the ridges on the home look like Aliens to me?

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Cheers guys, I'm v lucky with the collection I have so far

Ice I'll grab some pics of the fugitive head tomorrow and post them up. 

Gene it's from avpr, that design is my fave of the alien heads so when it came round I jumped on it. I have 1 of the raw castings of the alien resurrection heads too. Its behind the severed alien hand. 

And I'll eventually post pics of the bio collection and the pred collection. 

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On 2/13/2022 at 12:34 AM, oooICEMANooo said:

Very nice collection... can share more pictures of the Fugitive Predator production mask and mandibles?

Here you go... I need to get a proper underskull armature for it, as I wanna get the mandibles attached. This is prob only my 3rd time handling the mask as its just sat on 1 of my lifecast. 

Had a chat with Brian Prince 1 night too about the mask, such a genuine nice guy. 


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