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  1. Ikons is an Australian collectibles company. The international sales only might be due to the batteries issue that collectors are dealing with. There's a new law banning button batteries but I'm unsure if this pertains to that issue
  2. Forgot to mention the mandible tearing! I agree with you, I just think it has been overhyped and the reviews aren't warranted. I'm happy that the predator franchise lives on. And I'm not going to lie. The completist in me will buy a hot toys figure if this pred if they make one.(displayed with bio on) I would have bought an assassin pred figure if hot toys would have made one 🤷🏻‍♂️
  3. Thats one of its many problems man. Where to begin. Why is it that none of the natives look like they ever been outside? Kinda pale,no muscle tone. Dances with wolves,last of the mohicans, apokalypto they all look the part. They spent most of their lives outside thus they're darker. No muscle tone on none of them. I don't want a overly muscular natives but most have a sinewy physique with clearly defined muscle tone Why was there only young Indians and no elder men? Why was the tribe chief so submissive and obese? Was his name chief big mac? Why was the predator skinning snakes? They represent no challenge to him? The CGI in the rattlesnake and the bear were piss poor. Why let the wolf bite him? This pred should have come with maxipads for all the bleeding he did Why is it that naru couldnt hit a rabbit to safe her life,but as soon as she added the rope she was super accurate? Lol How in the world was nuru able to keep running with that white tail deer? Im sure not everyone has hunted before but belive me when i say that deer are freaking fast! She was a great tracker yet she fell in a muddy swamp? How many concussions can she withstand? She got hit a lot and virtually no damage! Predator moved like he was hunched back in some scenes, yet he magically catapults up when taken down? He has great moves switching axe from one hand to another yet he's clumsy enough to cut his own hand? Wtf! You can clearly tell ADI likes to recycle their props. Those hands are straight up avp hands. The color on the predator body was meh Why would the predator noticed the leaves left by naru on top of the buffalo? In all the movies the predator needs the Biomask to breathe yet in this new one he has an open biomask. 🤦‍♂️ And above all the head design! As someone on fb put it made by ADI. It must mean: A Disappointing Interpretation This preds face was in my opinion absolute trash. I now think the beserker one is way better than this one and i had the beserker as the worst pred head design As I posted before my favorite character was the dog. Sarii was the only one that didn't disappoint Was it a great movie? Not to me Entertaining? Yes Best predator movie ever? NO Better than the first one( as many have praised to be) FUCK NO!
  4. Nice fig but ridiculous pricing. 97dls for a 3.8" figure. Easy pass
  5. Not only do you have one of the biggest bio collections around the world, you also have an impressive amount of screen used items
  6. You have improved by leaps and bounds on your skills Gene. Any other sculpts on the horizon? Maybe a P1?
  7. Hello there! Roninpred here previously Brownronin. Joined the lair when I purchased a bio helmet from a seller on ebay who was also a member. That was in 2004 and Ive learned a lot from many members and made great friendships. Big shout out to Kithunter, MeanGene, HurleyFX, Bovine13, MrFett, Tuath, Ice, Rob C, Mike L and Keith H for keeping the flame alive
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