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Custom Red Elder


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Long time ago I had the opportunity to get my hands on an Elder head + Ancient Bio. It was a really good trade for me so I took it 😁


Once the mask has arrived I gave it away for the paintjob. I wanted to have him in a red style inspired by this figure I saw online


Here are some pictures of the painting process



I ordered Beads and Dreads from a local Clan Mate


Beads are painted by myself, these days I was really happy with how they turned out



I glued the Dreads onto the mask, added a little piercing on the tusk and finished everything, so here's the finished head with Bio Mask



Unfortunately I don't own this mask anymore. I sold it to fund an other project. 

But I really liked it and wanted to share it with all of you 🥰

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3 minutes ago, MeanGene said:

Great build thread.
The red is wicked aggressive. Anger Management Pred!

The helmet reminds of a halo, meets star wars fighter pilot. I like it.


I never really liked the paintjob of the Bio. The person who painted it for me kind of rushed to the process of painting it. 

I always wanted to change it, but never did until I sold it 😅

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1 hour ago, Kithunter said:

so many push the colors into the brighter range...

this is a very realistic hunter and the paint scheme is on point

killer job on this build....all of it


I was about to say the same, i am not a big fan of the bright colors. He is a Predator, a hunter. How easy would be to spot him on top of a tree?

But this one, has a very nice red, dark tone. I could totally see him as a badblood clan leader. Very nice concept for sure.

And yes, thats definitely one of Bob's masks. Nowdays, a lot of his mask P1, Elder, Berserker are rare to find around. 

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56 minutes ago, YautjaGuardian said:

Wow that looks really nice how much did you pay for the head and mask do you remember?


Actually I haven't paid anything for the head and bio. I got it through a really good trade. I traded it against an custom lightsaber I made all in all it was worth around 200€ I think 🤔

So really good deal for me!

It got painted by a friend of mine, she didn't want anything for it. 

For Dreads and Beads I paid around 150€ if I remember correctly

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