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Suits and statues


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And some cool pics my client sent me.


ALSO: I'm about to start a fresh no build on a Samurai theme predator. The bio it's what will bring this whole prop to life. I am planning to slightly modify an Aqua bio (made by Casey) and then it would have a very unique paintjob, different from the clean look.

Please follow me on IG: m0nstersh0p for more updates.








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On 6/8/2023 at 6:51 PM, MeanGene said:

Great work as always Chris. Always trying something new and working on your craft.

It's awesome to see. Thanks for posting. Keep us updated on the new build


Thanks Gene. 

So I started on the build this past weekend.

I got one of Casey's Aqua hunter helmets (designed by Narin) and I had some ideas in my head for a while to give the bio more of a ceremonial look to it.

I have been looking a lot into polychromy, which it was used in many ancient pottery and sculpture (Egypt, etc)

I am still very new at this and I only done it twice on the last two weeks lol but eventually its something I'd like to get good at it.

Using a cast iron paintjob as base and see all the weathering colors bleeding was a must. Since this is an alien culture, metals do not have to rust like earth metals and I can play around with different colors, just to add more of a dramatic look to it.


Here are some shots of my test paint up on a broken Gort bio helmet.

For more of my work, Predator or not related please check my IG page. https://www.instagram.com/m0nstersh0p/


















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Just adding a few photos of some recent build ups.


Samurai V3 "Bushido"

Custom display bust painted by me m0nstersh0p (on Instagram)

Dreads, beads and bio helmet by QualityProps (Casey McCabe) 

P1 head by SM

This is my third time around building a Samurai Predator, I wanted something more ceremonial than V1 and V2. 

As explained on my last post, I was playing around with polychromy on the bio. Also styled the dreads in a more messy way than the other versions.

Also I made a custom base. Thought of some old scrolls in which describes the "creature" and the code of honor.

















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Juggernaut Bio Helmet


Custom paint by me (m0nstersh0p on Instagram)

Original concept art by Robbie Clark

Sculpt and cast by Eugene Frechette (MeanGene83)


Got inspired by Sometsuke (Japanese decorative porcelain pottery)

Using stencils to decor baking pottery, I added the graphic theme to the prepared helmet surfaced. Then sealing and aging the whole dome of the helmet until I was happy with the result.  A dark blue and copper painted helmet, with some patina rusted mechanical bit on the lower jaw. Also used  copper color lenses to make them highlight over the dark bio.













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The Pharaoh Predator: Ayawet-AnkhAmin


Custom painted by me (m0nstersh0p) on Instagram

Bio helmet, dreads and beads by QualityProps (Casey McCabe)

Custom Owlman Collar by HurleyFx (Lee Hurley)

Head Elder predator sculpt by SM


Last month I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and I was just amazed by the Egyptian exhibit and decided to make a Predator display. 

First, I needed to choose the right helmet for the job. After looking at many designs, I thought that the Temple Guard would work perfect.

Second, I had to come up with a concept, what to add to the helmet to make it unique and stay away from the Temple Guard design, without changing it too much. The cheeks of the helmet are divided in three sections each. I thought of the decorated walls of an Egyptian tomb, free handed the drawings and aging them as well.

Using a baking roller with the Egyptian hieroglyphics helped me add what I needed to the front of the bio. A nice golden Scarab with wings will serve as a center piece for the helmet, adorned with some blue and yellow stone jewels.

Metallic blues were chose for the color of the lenses, with a very unique pattern. Before anyone asking, these are display busts, not to wear. You wouldn't be able to see thru them.

Third, choosing the colors. Gold and blue, the colors of the young Pharaoh Tutankhamun. 

The gold could not be just painted, I needed to up my game and take the time to use gold leaf on this. Not one of my favorite things to do. It goes everywhere. And to do it right, you need to let it cure properly which is time consuming.

Fourth, the mask behind the bio. An Elder head. The character is bringing his futuristic technology to ancient Egypt, he has to show age/knowledge.

Orange, yellow and metallic blue where my base colors, besides all the undertones I usually add to it.  

Fifth: The neckring, using a wolf neckring with no modifications and freehanded symbols and cartouches wasn't going to cut it.

I needed more. I worked for almost two weeks in a collar that would cover from mid neck to chest. Using different materials, from foam to plastic, both collars done til almost complete. BUT, I can't give a client a prop made with foamies. There are some amazing artist that can do wonders with that material, but I can't, I don't have those skills.

3D printing was out of the question, I could not find a design that I liked and hiring someone to design it and then I'd have to printed, the turn around time was way too long.

I came across Lee's work on a NiteOwl character he made a while back. I contacted him and he was kind enough to custom make the collar of that character for the Pharaoh Predator. Even offered to add gold pigment to the cast, to help me with the build.

As always, dealing with Lee is an easy task. Quality products and fast shipping.


Once I received the prop, I needed I had to add all the decorative items I had planned for the collar, including Lapis Lazuli, a type of stone used by Egyptians to decor the death masks, coffins and even to obtain the blue pigments to use as paint.

Finally, the other small details, from lapis lazuli colored dreads beads, to a custom base with pieces of a broken wall with Egyptian motives.


Anyways, now to the pictures 🙂

and a video: 











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