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Suits and statues


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And some cool pics my client sent me.


ALSO: I'm about to start a fresh no build on a Samurai theme predator. The bio it's what will bring this whole prop to life. I am planning to slightly modify an Aqua bio (made by Casey) and then it would have a very unique paintjob, different from the clean look.

Please follow me on IG: m0nstersh0p for more updates.








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On 6/8/2023 at 6:51 PM, MeanGene said:

Great work as always Chris. Always trying something new and working on your craft.

It's awesome to see. Thanks for posting. Keep us updated on the new build


Thanks Gene. 

So I started on the build this past weekend.

I got one of Casey's Aqua hunter helmets (designed by Narin) and I had some ideas in my head for a while to give the bio more of a ceremonial look to it.

I have been looking a lot into polychromy, which it was used in many ancient pottery and sculpture (Egypt, etc)

I am still very new at this and I only done it twice on the last two weeks lol but eventually its something I'd like to get good at it.

Using a cast iron paintjob as base and see all the weathering colors bleeding was a must. Since this is an alien culture, metals do not have to rust like earth metals and I can play around with different colors, just to add more of a dramatic look to it.


Here are some shots of my test paint up on a broken Gort bio helmet.

For more of my work, Predator or not related please check my IG page. https://www.instagram.com/m0nstersh0p/


















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I got the feeling from your paintwork that it was some kind of ancient pottery look. You did a great job painting that on there.

The added details are nice as well. Very creative and outside the box thinking. 👍

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