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My creation: The Boar Bio Helmet ver 1.0


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Sculpted by yours truly way back 2003-2004.
This helmet was a creation of the original Hunter's Lair and the original thread it lived in is gone.
So I will tell the story of its creation here.

We all know the Predator 2 Lost Hunter's ship scene.
Well for me that is my favorite movie in the franchise and the Lost Hunter's have always been my obsession.
In fact many of the original Lair members are responsible for naming them.
Boar, Brother Boar, Gort, Ram, Borg, Elder, P1, Hippie

Toys companies changed some of the names over the years. But ah well...

My Bio Helmet Creation

The sculpture came together well. I would get constant feedback from the original Lair crew and adjusted it many times.
I couldn't tell you how long it took. But this being on of my first Bio sculptures, it definitely was not a fast process.
This was the first sculpture I remember feeling that I liked my own work.  "You are doing it, you are actually doing it" 

Sculpted over an existing P2 helmet as a base.
The Boar resembles some of the same face structure as result.

The sculpture was made using Roma Plastilina. If you don't know the clay, count yourself lucky. Smelly oily clay. 
Nice to work with but the smell stuck with you for days.

Check out how messy my room was a 20 yr old goof. 


The Mold was made using silicone rubber.
That was a whole other learning curve. But I got it done.

( No pics of the mold survived)

Pic of helmet below is after de-molding. Notice how its all torn up.



Casting was difficult. Was my first time using 2 part resins.
I made approximately 10-15 castings. All of which sold on the lair.


The Lair membership went mad for the helmet. It was a great feeling back then to have the support the whole time. Asking for tips and tricks all the way to a completed Predator Bio. I was a 20 year old kid and was proud as a peacock.

My castings were famously super heavy though. I made them ridiculously thick. Part of it was worry they would crack, part of it inexperience.

1 of my castings was unknowingly sold to a Recaster. Which is why you have seen it sold worldwide.

At my hands I have put out probably 30-40 castings.
No telling how many the alternative has put out. But I have seen my helmet in collections all over.

Cool feeling to see so many people liked my work enough to display it.

So the Boar is my favorite. 
My memory doesn't go far back enough to remember naming the Boar Hunter. But Andrew assures me I did. 🙂 (old age)

The Boar Hunter. Thanks for reading.

Eye Candy!



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  • MeanGene changed the title to My creation: The Boar Bio Helmet ver 1.0

To see how the legendary boar came to be is awesome.  So many around the world call it that without knowing it was your creation.

Even guys like Wyatt who play that in the film goes around doing signings with that bio on display and he calls himself the boar... 

Way to go gene my hunting buddy.. 🤣 

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