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Jungle Hunter Bust

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Hi, im new to the forum, this is my latest attempt at a predator bust. Im still pretty early in the process, not sure yet whether to print it in 1/4 or 1/6 scale. For years my dream has been to sculpt the full lost tribe, at least in bust form, so I hope to finish him an a city hunter to start mixing them and making the tribe. 



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Thanks guys! I paid a lot of attention to the patterns of the skin texture and detail. For a long time it has been my goal to make one of the most accurate portraits of the jungle hunter and eventually the city hunter, this is like my third attempt at it 😅. I will never get it as good as Matt Rose did, it´s just imposible to match his talent, but so far im happy with how it´s going. Amazing score and reference pics btw, I will definetly use them to improve my sculpt.

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 Thanks Gene, it would be great. Currently it has 58 holes. I made them using pics I could find of Morris costumes/ Stan Winston heads around the internet as reference, but  it may still not be 100% right. As for the texture, it was a mixture of improvisation and reference, since it's not gonna be seen too much with the dreads on. Writing this made me realize I will have to cast 58 dreads for each head I'm planning to make 😬, thankfully it will be at 1/6 scale so many can be made at the same time.


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