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Celtic gauntlet

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Paint can be used to bring your eyes to certain details and away from others.

When I try to paint. I first think. What color was this thing when it was brand new. Base coat.

Then you add the story of the years on top. Dirt, grime, damage, scuffs.

Sometimes looking at Google images helps. Rusty metal, weathered armor.

Ultimately invent a story of where your piece has traveled in life. And recreate that timeline in layers on the item. If you don't like something, it's just paint and be be repainted.

Don't be afraid to experiment and write down colors that somehow work really well and keep those on your work table. Sometimes I even write down the process. Color mixtures etc.

Sponges, chip brushes, paper towels etc.


Stan Winston School has a "How to paint a Predator Bio" and the techniques are awesome.



You are off to a great start. I would personally highlight with silver all the areas that are elevated. As if they continually get scuffed removing all signs of dirt or grime. Leaving only the original silver chrome.


All that said @oooICEMANooo

Is the resident paint expert. We should have him chime in. 👍


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What I do, search Google for pictures of metal objects that are left outside in the elements (weathered). Try copy it...

Looks for its (base color) and just go from that.

Another would look on youtube for paint tutorials (Weathering) for painting (Tanks or Gundams). They usually go step by step. This how I picked up tricks and tips.


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