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Jason Edmeston Alpha repaint

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Well I figured start some of my most current work,I did this over year ago it was repaint I was hell bent on I really capture Jason's work he did for neca when they where making prototype back in 2018. Once this released three years ago that was my goal not mention I wasn't fan of stock paint neca did,lemme just dam... time flies.


But he was really fun to do simple repaint I assume some of you may seen original version here. He's really cool love Steven Wang homages they did other artist..I forget idk what neca had agreed on with Wang but I'm glad made him.


Lemme know that you guys think! Enjoy stay tuned for more.😉








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On 3/1/2022 at 5:17 AM, MeanGene said:

What is the process like painting something like this?

What kind of paints? and tools? 
Airbrushing or just hand brushes?

Just simple boil and pop softens the plastic or hair dryer.

I just use acrylics to paint,all hand painted with cheap brushes I use poor man's set of tools. 

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