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My Elder journey


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Brothers and sistas!!!..Ok here goes...

 I had this idea..😆 (reason I laugh is that usually means trouble for many)..

Anyhow the idea was, what was the elder before he became the one we all know from P2?..

So I used my project manager skills I had to assemble one of the best build teams ever. It was me, sandy collora, David pea, Larry kidd, Scott Paige and a few others.

I got a raw pull of the dead end suit I arraigned for sandy send the molds to david .  David pea sculpted the headpiece and i worked with Larry to come up with they early greyback paint design... not many photos existed of its true color so we decided to go with a lighter tone grey.  Steve wang suggested we use rubber stamping inks and Larry set about paint while I focused on the armor (Scott Paige) screen used P2 dred rings and all million details...

Tweaked over time I perfected the look I wanted..

Long winded post but wanted to share just part of it...took 4 years to complete big chunk o life!!!.  Anyhow here is the pics of the build that I saved..


The Marzan Elder Build team

Myself/Larry kidd/David Pea/sandy collora/nick alvarez/Scott Paige

And  the Stan winston Team for their P2 and P1 components

I've been rocking it since 2005?.... lol long ass time..
























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Wow. The history of this thing.

The coolest part is the collaboration of all those people. Amazing time period and opportunity to get this thing built.


Did you sculpt and make the P2 style crotch armor plates?

Where did the gauntlet housing come from?

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Yes sir I did sculpt the codpiece.  Made from hot glue poured into a insta mold...fast easy method!!

Blade housing was from the p1 Morris  I think?...

designed the blades(sketched on a napkin..lol)

Leatherwork , dred rings,  foot build up and all accessories took the most time...

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