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P2 Medkit


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Very nice. I have the original hot toy P1 and the 2.0 classic P1 and the NECA 1/4 scale P1, open mouth  close mouth and mask version’s. It does look like it’s hard to find any good original P2 pics of the medkit. Maybe there is a video that you can pause for reference.

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2 hours ago, MeanGene said:

I've come across that worthpoint site before. Never truly understood what they were about and their mission.


But it seems to aggregate all kinds of data into a single point. Pulls from old ebay and other sites.

What is the main purpose of such a site?

I’m not sure myself, but they seem to have nice predator items of all kinds. I looked into it once and it seemed to cost to be on it.☹️

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I am closing in on completeing the med kit. I will post up pics and invite comments before I wrap it up.TThis is how it is looking currently. The right hand side is different from the left side but the reference pics are not clear enough.



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realign the pics
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What size is this going to be when printed?


Curious because I have P2 back armor that I sculpted and cast. But never made a medkit for it. Wondering how it would fit.


Your rendering is spot on from what I can tell. Looks great from all angles can't complain about any of it. Curious what @Mr Fett says. He has a keen eye for accuracy.


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