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Leggs.Obj - 3d Predator/Alien work

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Wanted to split off a separate thread to use as a general 3d modeling thread. I am by no means an expert in 3d modeling and I'm always open to hearing new ideas/workflows/constructive criticisms.


One of the first objects I ever wanted to sculpt on my own was Ahabs Engineer Rifle from the Fire and Stone (?) comics. Its such a neat design and  I feel that in all of the prometheus media its the only prop that blends biomechanics into utility in a way that both makes sense and is pleasing to look at. This model is maybe the 4th or 5th iteration i've worked on over the years and the first that i've felt any confident in sharing. Its still in its blocking phase, trying to get all the right shapes in the right spots. I'm struggling between making it as accurate as possible and really letting loose with ye olde creative license. 

Screenshot 2022-10-05 140751.jpg

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