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3D printing a bio mask

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Preparing some of my files I have and you know I got to know why isn’t there any flies made for the med kit items? If anyone has files they made I’d love to buy them so I can make my own med kit. Anyway here is the current mask I plan to print working on a Celtic witch is a personal favorite of mine. A39CD24A-4FEF-438A-A02D-D2211A0A4359.jpeg.33156c975e9fc940f85a5cbda990cd5e.jpegMan 70 hours for this one yikes well this is gona take some patience lol .56B3F92D-9F46-4413-A411-17A9C6D851AE.jpeg.7b597b8c484630efc7d3d68cc1eeb425.jpegC8173403-9472-4A5E-B87D-3E6066A8CD54.jpeg.29af07b8b54f40ffec14aa40b81996ab.jpeg

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17 hours ago, MeanGene said:

These images are from the gallery for comparison.


Forgive the noob question.

With this kind of 3D file. Can you edit it and add more details if you wanted to?


I can't speak for all 3d modelers, but if you pay for a model you really shouldn't be editing it any further. Some artists might feel differently, but in my opinion its a lot like recasting.

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