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SEED “Bad Blood” suit restore


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Back in the day we were all amazed by the incredible builds by an artist by the name of Pete Mander. Pete would go on to make one of the early Predator Fan Films SEED. He filled the film with an assortment of original Predator designs. Eventually those suits would be sold off, and they sort of disappeared… flash forward a few more years, let’s say circa 2008 and I discovered a random Craigslist ad for a Predator suit about 2 hours north of me. The pics were horrible, but I thought I recognized a distinct crimson armor .. I had to investigate and to my delight I discovered one of my favorite fan made suits, the Bad Blood Predator. It was a bit thrashed but I took it home and got to work. I ended up making some modifications and added pieces from other builds but eventually I got it into shape. These were pictures from the Wondercon costume contest when it was still held in San Francisco 





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Ohhhh remember this shit wasn't Pete mander huge part of this project? I love his stuff. But this badblood was definitely one of my favorites despite how wasn't really received very well it had some really good points,like idea xenos in being rainforest very reminiscent of avp extinction I got nostalgia from that I swear the badblood in film was either cutting himself or another yautja which made interesting. I know I can't be alone here with some of the stuff I just mentioned lol.

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On 2/11/2022 at 2:58 AM, MeanGene said:

Pete was so creative and for a while was THE GUY for Pred stuff. Great artist.

You still have this suit? Or did you sell it on?

Didnt he carve some body suits from upholstery foam?

I sold it.. years later I would find out that it burned in a fire 

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