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Metal pigment powder trials


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Inspiration for this came.from speaking with usurper with pieces he has done, so I decided to try myself. 


I used two different brushes for the powder and brushed it into the mold and literally poured the urethane resin on to it..


Let it set and detmold and hey presto the result.. Well the result is in the pictures. No paint has been used in the pics that's all pigment straight from the mold. 


I will be doing more like this with the avp elder mold I have as well







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That pigment came out better than any pigment job I've ever tried. Mine were metal flake. Copper, brass etc...

They never stuck to the mold the way yours did.

Gonna have to try using the stuff you have. It's basically ready to hang on the wall. Just add some weathering and done.

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