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Emissary Predators Original heads sculpt auction


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Hey everyone ! 


Just found this right now, did anybody was aware of it ? 

Two fiberglass cast of the cut Emissary Predators from The Predator were up for sale 3 years ago.


Emissary 1

Emissary 2


And it's incredible that as one wasn't sold, the second one was sold only for 500 bucks !!


I join you the pics too , maybe if someone want to add them to references gallery ?


Cheers !! 







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15 hours ago, MeanGene said:

Very interesting that they are made from hard resin. Wonder what the deal was with these.

I will say, the head is a weird shape though. That pointy forehead and the overall look reminds me of these guys

I think this is resin cast to sculpt separate parts on it (necklace for example). And probably to have a backup in case the molds and originals sculpts are destroyed 😊

That's something I often do when I make a props from clay, I keep the first cast , making it very strong in case , one day, I have to re make a mold.


The shape on the other hand look very good to me ! No wrapping or anything, look really clean ! The emissary have a particular design but it not seem to have any damages on them.


But yeah, won't be surprised to see them running after Milla Jovovich... 😂

I love the sculpts of thoses heads, the level of details is insane




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I'm not a huge fan of the designs of the Emissary Predators. They felt to me like they were like, "Hey, let's do something different just to be different." Neither designs work for me because I feel that the sculpts are too stylized; and look more like great sculpts, rather than "in-universe" characters. I feel bad for the artists that sculpted those just to have them thrown on the cutting room floor... but they were throw-away-characters in a throw-a-way movie that never should've never, ever been made. 

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I used to go on the site a lot to see if any new predator screen used pieces poped up to use as reference. I remember they were posted some time before the auction. They were pretty weird and just said predator  so  I didn´t pay much attention. It wasn't until I saw  the neca figures that I made the connection and freaked out. Even if the movie wasn´t great I really hope the sculpts become accesible to the fans someday, the are made by some of the top artist in the industry. 

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