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Back in the day I didn't have access to all the goodies we now have to build so I had to find what I could on a budget..

Came across this insta mold stuff at micheals craft store and I had the idea instead of using resin use hot glue to fill the one sided mold.

Insta mold is safe and can be used to do a few castings before it dries out and shrinks..which is cool too but has a limited life span...

Anyhew here it goes.. I remember the process because I developed it through many burns and trail and error.  Some use a pot to heat down the glue I used an industrial glue gun.


1st step... sculpt your piece... one sided works best..

Turn on glue gun have about 5 or 6 glue sticks ready 

2nd create a casting box for your molding and pour instamold inside.  Bout 5-10 minutes pop out your piece and let it cool down ..dont put into a fridge, it will crack. 

Last step is to weather and paint and strap up with extra pieces of leather

Durable, much stronger than rubber and won't crack like resin..But could snap in super cold temps... cost like 20 bucks in supplies.

Enjoy the pics


Insta_mold quick cast.jpg

Hot_glue pour_final.jpg

P2 COD.jpg

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