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Modifying a P1 mask into Ahab

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Here is a bit of the process one how i modify or add scars to a mask/suit - in this case i had  to create an Ahab mask for a client.

After washing the mask with soap and water, i clean it with alcohol. Then used latex flashing ( i always save them, when cutting the excess latex of a mask or suit), to create the scar. Using crazy glue i apply them one by one. Then filled up any small gaps with cotton dipped in latex and shape the scar a bit more by giving the illusion of stretch out skin. The next step is adding a nice coat of liquid latex to smooth and seal the wound.

After that is just adding the dreads and the painting process. I will try to make a short tutorial on how i paint mask/skins in the future for whoever is interested.

















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3 hours ago, MeanGene said:

Wow!! What a neat trick taking all of the cut offs and reusing them a badass way.

Ever used Cabo patch?

@Ptgreek taught me how ages ago. It's great for Sean repairs and would lend itself well to this scaring.


Thanks for sharing this trick Chris. I can see this in my future. 

Thanks Gene. I've never used cabo patch, but i'll make sure to check it out. Def good info.

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