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The upgraded ritual hunter

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As of now there is no more of rubies predator for my suit except for the gloves but that’s just the hands as I couldn’t find anyone to make me a set but. Now I present my new mask with the proper looking dreadlocks that aren’t made of bakerod and a new mask from the avp movie with a little mod of my own doing 27FBE786-47F1-4BBD-95C6-67CDD3EE8D1A.thumb.jpeg.11462bd0ab4c9c569fa3776e0b18f4af.jpeghere’s the new mask before I repainted and mod it C4F7DCAF-93BB-4488-AF19-543D31758B26.thumb.jpeg.9624a2c00c4c8ea08a202e54aa440ddc.jpegafter paint job37335779-6F1B-440B-AA7E-5546A3854ED7.thumb.jpeg.71112871f40e6a14bdf912a032379941.jpeg215C1737-FFB5-456B-8ADB-1C3F50D169C9.thumb.jpeg.dc5a3acee9c9715d0b93c37e33928c83.jpeg6E9F48B1-8189-43AC-8CC8-403CC80CF291.thumb.jpeg.1d7c0db9c760f355bbe10aa788ef5da9.jpegA5A99E12-540F-4EA0-88AF-75B341A72385.thumb.jpeg.fa45746e93128843fb354ddae5f49b50.jpeg42CF74CA-F4B2-46A2-BD4A-E443657630C5.thumb.jpeg.64c9f0fb0a7848993f4a3e1ef4f5ac41.jpegafter mod and now onto the mask and new dreadlocksE9A9DFB8-3B0E-447F-88D1-779FAE263F1D.thumb.jpeg.a2b3c07d2021f29e28a958ff7382a513.jpegas you can see I have the p2 style with the color scheme of the first movie but in the pattern of the p2 0DA3D2B3-E948-4CE3-976A-0BB482C10528.thumb.jpeg.4b16cdf8486fd24a3d4f50305642fa3b.jpegC988DDB3-D8B2-4614-8612-4513DF8B1BC7.thumb.jpeg.fd446dc08d97899c14514dbd0c2d7528.jpegwith the bio mask and I’m loving how it’s looking and can’t wait to ware this at denver fan expo in 2023 now onto my medical pack update for that coming soon !

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I’ll definitely look into him thank you 😊 and I’m glad you like what you see heh tryed a new paint method and did silver first then dry brushed the black usually I do it the other way around and I like how the bio came out . Might do abit more to my suit after I finish the new back pack with functional med kit. 😁

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