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Bone Boar Bio Project

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A local friend  commissioned me too make him a Boar Bio helmet.

Now I've painted a shit ton of these the standard way. I have not seen anyone do a bone version.

The circular turtle shell dome areas will be painted a dirty aged bone color.

Also debating the lower jaw being bone color as well. Something similar to Beserker bio.



These are the marked bone areas.received_449552553828628.thumb.jpeg.53574af643d05d9f3658804f2267179f.jpeg


Rest of the bio @Roninpred says should be a gun metal. Weathered and dirty.

Also some talk of a dred mohawk reminiscent of a boar's razorcrest. I've got some boat tusks I snagged off Etsy.


Anyone have ideas?



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  • MeanGene changed the title to Bone Boar Bio Project

So this bio has been sitting on the work bench for quite some time with no forward momentum.

I was taking my time to brainstorm something original and fun.
As my friend Justin simply couldn't decide on a paint scheme he wanted, I asked him if I could just "do my thing". He said Go for it.

Here it be. 

Basic idea.
A forged gold bio with bone sections inlaid. Call it a Feral inspired Boar helmet.
Always wanted to make the turtle shell dome sections bone. So this was a fun realization.

Although. I would say I wish I didn't do the Suture skull lines. Doesn't work the way I intended, but as a wise man said trial and error - life's best teacher.

Thanks for looking.

(Not finished yet)
Next Steps:
Finishing the underside.
Creating a mounting wire.

Eye mesh OR Lenses?

(I am thinking dark black sunglass lenses. Think Mr. Black / Beserker bio.)





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