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Silicone Wolf Mask


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I made a conscious choice after making my silicone P1 suit in 2010 to avoid working with stinky latex and predators if i could moving forward, since then i changed location globally and started working for myself so this is only the 2nd predator head i had sculpted in that time.
i do not have many photos of the sculpt progress, but here is the latest version and i have a cool tweaked version i am finishing up this week, which i will post photos when i have it done.





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4 hours ago, Kithunter said:

They questioned and debated if this could or had ever been done.

The silicone wolf proved it could be.  I remember you sculpting this and the determination you had to make it real.  

This elevated the game to new possibilities.

Badass brother... 


I remember all the naysayers in 2009, silicone mask can't be done, too hot, too heavy, can't be painted, and that only got worse after i made the suit for some reason.
i just wish id poked more people into going silicone. 

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