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Hi my name is reuben I'm a new member looking for help with joining a clan. I'm located in Texas. I'm 32 an just started my own predator cosplay. I still need a torso and legs suit in latex painted but this is what i had to work my first time doing something like this I've always been a huge fan of of the films and want to share my experience with my community at comic con and make friends in the same field.Screenshot_20231102-100724_Snapchat.thumb.jpg.2a73db62349137391beabfa9e701057f.jpgScreenshot_20231102-100735_Snapchat.thumb.jpg.4225a39728e97777d23144c6354b7d34.jpgFB_IMG_1698938250435.thumb.jpg.4a45cf1f5928a790a137611faea03768.jpg




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Strick, 1st thing do some thinking about your look or character.

If wearing rubber or spandex appeals more.  There are plenty of makers for all sorts of suits and parts.  Once you have an idea what you want, I'm sure you'll see plenty of options.

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