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Custom Sideshow Stealth Bio


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The plan for this stealth bio is to remove the fins and  give it a custom paintjob similar to the picture below.
The helmet is one of my favorite. Sculpted by Steve Wang. His style is very unique. This bio reminds me of the Guyver movies he worked on.




This process has been done before. See link here:

It may seem crazy to chop off the fins and tear into this helmet. The helmet came to me via FB marketplace, was a local sale. Before I met the guy he assured me the helmet was in perfect shape.
When we met in person, the helmet had obvious damage to one of the larger lower fins. Was snapped off and hot glued back on.
I brought it up politely and he dropped the price. I was OK with this as I already had another Stealth at home in perfect shape.


@Roninpred Reminded me of the finless bio. I discovered the old FB post and decided I would do my own finless version.

Will post some pictures and video for fun. The process is pretty simple. 
Snap off the fins.
Snap them down with a rotating dremel tool.
Bondo/patch the holes that remain.
Mask and paint.







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Made some forward progress.

Used traditional Bondo to get the holes filled and begin blending the areas. Hit it with a coat of primer to see the problem areas.

Will go back in and hit it once more with additional Bondo to get it perfectly smooth.


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Still working the Bondo to get the transitions correct. Also managed to pop out the eyes without breaking them.

The lenses were molded so I can cast up a different colored set. Maybe black, maybe red. Who knows... Still up for debate.



Next pic shows it painted silver. Rust-Oleum metallic. Has a dullness to the finish that I like.

Next steps are taping it off and spraying the gold on the dome and cheek areas.

Might so some black highlights here and there.


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I remember that mask was the first mask I had an ever come across. in the city there was a movie collection store that was selling the predator mask. 

the store has unfortunately closed now. 
I was 17 when I found it, selling for $500. 

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