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First P1 (ish) Predator suit project from total beginner

Blue Scorpion

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First off, Wow! A great build and a great write up. This is exactly the place for this type of post - well done.


The helmet. Great choice of helmet, Wolf is a badass character. The print looks great. 

The underside is neat and tidy. If you need help getting it to sit proper on your head you can add a hard hat inner liner to the area that meets the top of your head.

I wonder if that cat5 wire and connector will poke you in the cheek?


The wood filler? Is that meant to fill the print lines ?

great trick getting it to crack in the sun. Very smart.

The lenses? Where did your source them from? Do you have a link.

THanks for posting!

PS. Lasers are a bitch! Same shit happened to me. 👍

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Thanks for the compliment!

The Helm is held on by a strap I took off the front of my rucksack which is supposed to hold the two main straps together across the front of the chest, wont be using that much now so they were the ideal thing to use especially with the easy release catch and it fitted perfectly across the jowles of the mask.

The cat 5 is still a work in progress, theoretically it will go upwards, flip over and follow the dreads down the back to the backpack where it will integrate with all the other electrics, at the moment the eyes and lasers are just roughly wired at the end of the cat 5 with the battery box / switch assy they respectively came with, the final operational system is yet to be determined.

The wood filler fills everything including the print lines, I tried the two part mix 'Bondo' equiv - P45 body filler- it's such a bitch to sand! as for the longevity of wood filler versus body filler - we'll see!

The cracking was a lucky accident I would never of thought of it otherwise and I doubt I'll ever get it to do the same again lol.

The lenses I'm assuming you mean the eye lights ?...... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153974072612?chn=ps&mkevt=1&mkcid=28&var=454065561516


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