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Brother Boar Bio Helmet


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Next up on the block from my history of projects is the Brother Boar Bio.
I think some people call it the Stalker? Sure... why not.

The Sculpture
Made using WED clay. A water based clay.
So easy to block out shapes and get the basic sculpture formed.
Inexpensive also. But single use only.

Sculpture came together very quickly as I had just sculpted the Boar bio. Had my groove figured out and shop was setup for a quick turnaround.

Was sculpted over an undersized P1 bio. The Bio was attached to a cast iron pipe/ flange from home depot.

The helmet was molded in silicone with a ultracal plaster mothermold.

Not sure how many copies I made over the years. Too many to count.

Fun fact. One of my helmets was given to Adrian Brody by Andrew Marzan and the NYCC predators group 
We worked the booth at NYCC 2010 for Fox Studios and got a trailer, autograph and lots of stories.
That will be for another thread.

brody with boar.jpg


The Stan Winston Studio Sculpture


Picture candy of my helmet.


The pictures demonstrate the phases of sculpting.
- Get am armature
- Block out the basic shapes
- Refine the shapes and create symmetry
- Add details like greebles etc...
- Battle damage and fine details at the very end

The clay is coated in clear coat to seal it in.
Silicone was brushed on using thickener and chip brushes.
A basic Ultracal30 plaster mother mold jacket was used.
The mold had held up pretty decently over the years.
Still produces decent castings to this day.












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Way to knock this one out of the park Gene. In all the years working on predators that's one of the bios i still have not worked on, definitely  have to change that soon.

Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to all the new projects that are coming in the future from you.

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