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Scaling a 1:1 Predator Head

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This has always been a puzzle for me. With mixed parts from different makers it's hard to determine the actual scale. Different makers of either helmets or heads, it's kind of up in the air. And I believe that each individual interprets what is an actual "fit" as far as helmet-to-head goes is personal aesthetic opinion. The orginal helmet fit like a glove on the original Predator head by completely covering the crown and being tight up against the "start" of the crown/jawline. The Predators head was large and exaggerated, and meant to fit the head of someone who was 7'2". In some pictures the head looks smaller than you'd think, and in others' it looks huge.


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20 hours ago, Tutank said:

I thought it was only worn on a half face mask on the move mask. No mandibles so he could see and breath better and was not needed with the bio covering those areas.

You are correct, sir. The head(s) were sculpted without the mandibles in both movies. The bio covered those areas because that's just the way it was sculpted and why it looked so tightly fit. In my opinion, I think they were trying to hide as much as they could with the design of the helmet that you wouldn'tve thought there appendages under there. Now, in Predator 2, when Harrigan lays out the Predator, and goes to pull off his mask, they simply put the helmet over the puppet head; which is why you can see his crown poking out from the sides. Now the head KPH wore in P2 that was made for the helmet, the helmet covers his entire crown. In fact, in some behind the scenes footage, you can see they glued dreds in-between the valleys of his crown to make it look more dramatic when wearing the helmet. 


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