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Boar Bio Helmet ver 2.0


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After completing my first Boar bio. I wanted to revisit it. Make a second version, better and more accurate.

The Sculpture
Made is WED clay over an undersized P1 helmet if I remember correctly.

The Mold
Was a tricky one. I decided I would make a cavity pour mold. (I think that is the proper term)
Whatever the case it is a multi step process.
You protect the sculpt with plastic.
Lay beds of clay over the sculpture. Making registration keys
Then you make the mother mold over the clay bed.
When you remove the mother mold and the clay bed there is an empty space between the Mother mold and clay sculpture.

With a pour spout on the top you can then simply pour in the silicone.
I may have done a detail coat of silicone with  brush prior to the pour. Can't recall.

I made this type of mod simply to see if I could. Was an exercise. 
After which I would say it probably much easier to do a brush on mold with a simple mother mold jacket.

Here are some pictures and video to tell the rest of the story.




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