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Work in progress: Rob's Juggernaut Bio


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Another one from Rob's series of sketches and a difficult one at that. Very complex and has a very distinct look that I am sneaking up on slowly.

I've spent probably 3-4 days to get to this point. It is sculpted over a plaster shell made over the contours of the Matt Rose P1 mask I have.

Do you want to draw more of these yet @PredatoRob ?!


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Of course I do!! The story behind him is that many, many (maybe back in th early 2000's) years ago, an old Lair Member asked me to come up with a concept for a suit he wanted to build. The only parameters I was given, were, to make it look "Industrial." I didn't really know how to pull it off, so I just jumped in. AvP had just come out, and I took huge inspiration from the Celtic helmet, and I tried to put my own spin on it by 'trying' to make it look more sinister, violent and intimidating - and to emulate the creatures actual face. In the end, he ended up making his own interpretation of the character out of foam and whatever else was available at the time. So, he kind of became his own thing as he is much larger than other Predators with a much more complicated helmet and armor design. 

I love the progress of the sculpt! It looks beautiful! 

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Thanks for the back story. That helps frame my mind around what I should be sculpting. 

The helmet should tell a story.

So glad you like it Rob. Your stuff inspires me so much. I am cursed by it because I can't stop, I'll be probably sculpting every sketch you make. It's the sickest shit outside of the movies. You are the Narin of the pencil and paper.


As for where progress is at, I spend hours upon hours on it. Changing and adjusting. 

I take some pics to being home and examine it. When I look at the pics it is like seeing it in a new light and I want to change so much. Progress is slow this way. Feels like I am finding the sculpt as it is nor obvious to me where I should go. What I've learned is taking a flat sketch to clay is no easy task. There is so much that doesn't translate, so I just focus on the overall feeling the sketch portrays and try to make the sculpt project that.

All that said. I can't wait till it's done and ready for battle.


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