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Work in progress: Rob's Juggernaut Bio


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Another one from Rob's series of sketches and a difficult one at that. Very complex and has a very distinct look that I am sneaking up on slowly.

I've spent probably 3-4 days to get to this point. It is sculpted over a plaster shell made over the contours of the Matt Rose P1 mask I have.

Do you want to draw more of these yet @PredatoRob ?!


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Of course I do!! The story behind him is that many, many (maybe back in th early 2000's) years ago, an old Lair Member asked me to come up with a concept for a suit he wanted to build. The only parameters I was given, were, to make it look "Industrial." I didn't really know how to pull it off, so I just jumped in. AvP had just come out, and I took huge inspiration from the Celtic helmet, and I tried to put my own spin on it by 'trying' to make it look more sinister, violent and intimidating - and to emulate the creatures actual face. In the end, he ended up making his own interpretation of the character out of foam and whatever else was available at the time. So, he kind of became his own thing as he is much larger than other Predators with a much more complicated helmet and armor design. 

I love the progress of the sculpt! It looks beautiful! 

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Thanks for the back story. That helps frame my mind around what I should be sculpting. 

The helmet should tell a story.

So glad you like it Rob. Your stuff inspires me so much. I am cursed by it because I can't stop, I'll be probably sculpting every sketch you make. It's the sickest shit outside of the movies. You are the Narin of the pencil and paper.


As for where progress is at, I spend hours upon hours on it. Changing and adjusting. 

I take some pics to being home and examine it. When I look at the pics it is like seeing it in a new light and I want to change so much. Progress is slow this way. Feels like I am finding the sculpt as it is nor obvious to me where I should go. What I've learned is taking a flat sketch to clay is no easy task. There is so much that doesn't translate, so I just focus on the overall feeling the sketch portrays and try to make the sculpt project that.

All that said. I can't wait till it's done and ready for battle.


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Lots of room for improvements.

Overall the basic shapes are now there. It has been a bear to get the sketch off paper and into clay. Simply because I want to do it justice.

Can already see some changes that are needed with the eyes.

The circles on the chin might need to move forward.

Let me know what you guys see. I've been staring at it for weeks which blinds my critical eye.





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The Deep space nine kit showed up and I am pumped. I had a feeling the kit would include some good options for the helmet. 
Save me some time and add some unique elements to the helmet.
Below are some pics of mock-ups for some ideas.




I kind of like this last one that looks "vented". Maybe I can layer some of these up for a better effect.


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This is the winner for the rebreather mechanism side. Trimmed it up with a Dremel and sanded it by and. 

What sold me on it was the round shape and the contrasting 90degeee notches.


Made some more progress on symmetry. Takes a lot of time to adjust. Some many angles on top of angles to align.


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Before I post some update pictures want to share some sculpting tools which have really upped my game.

George (PTGreek) mentioned I should try a set of Steve Wang sculpting tools. Made by Cutting Edge Sculpture 
Sold by company Brick in the yard. They have great youtube tutorials on mold making and casting btw/

Buy tools here:

Some things I've learned from these tools.
The blades that carve the surface are extremely sharp and the tool itself is very light.
The net result of both of these is you get a lot of tactile feedback in your hand as your sculpt. You can apply minimal pressure to get a very fine result.

The toothed side is good for carving and the reverse flat side if good for following up to smooth it out.

Very nice tools. Reasonably priced and developed by one of the original Predator creators. Can not beat it.


The Juggernaut sculpture update:

It has been spending a lot of time un-touched. I run a small business as my day job and that detracts from projects.
My hope is to finish this by end of spring and have castings made in summer.
I am very close.

Thanks for looking.


These pictures are of recent work spent on developing shadows and defining lines for character.





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Now that looks incredible. Just take your time with it; remember, I never intended it to be an actual, physical 3-D piece. Sculpting, for me, is like problem solving. And I think you've cracked the code on bringing the helmet into the physical world. I've been drawing this helmet for the past few weeks, and I solely based it off your sculpture work, but I'm never one to not mess with something; including the unusually dramatic way he takes off his helmet. But damn, dude.... I don't think there's anything I can do to help. You seem to have this on lockdown. 


*Also, thanks for the heads-up on the Steve Wang tools. I bought a set years ago and I can't find them. So, I purchased another set. They're really great tools, and I remember using them a lot. 

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You're welcome Rob. The tools are really great. Such a different feel to them.

Thanks for the compliments on the sculpt. It's all because of you.

It's been a long time since I've seen any new work from you.

Any chance we can see your latest? I've been waiting for you to drop something new.

Good to see you back around and back at it. 👍

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I know it's been a minute since I've posted anything, but I've been drawing my ass off when I have the time. They're mainly just sketches and nothing I'd consider a 'finished' drawing. I've got quite a bit of art board to use up (I really don't like drawing in sketchbooks - it's too awkward for me) but I'll be sure and post it all when I'm done. Shouldn't be too long. 

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It's all done. Not sure how many hours it took, but I am glad it's done.

On to the next phase.

Prepping it for silicone molding.

Will mold the faceless P1 head at the same time. Trying to optimize the use of silicone.

Enjoy the pics.

All thanks to Rob Clark for the inspiration. Without his design and creativity this would t have been possible.









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Woke up early to make the clay wall for molding.


Will be used mold max STROKE from smooth on.


Clay is Chavant sculpted soft. Had it laying around. Comes in flat bars ready made for the mold wall. Works well. Sulphur free so won't inhibit the silicone etc...

Mother mold jacket will be made from plaster bandages. They are cheap, easily acquired and hold strong. Had good experience with them last go around, worked out well on my Shinto Bio mold.


Teeth and tusks will be molded separately. Will prep those next.

Thanks for looking. 👍PXL_20230605_122154520.thumb.jpg.81779abaf1c7cc673a9425f5f7db6735.jpgPXL_20230605_122149655.thumb.jpg.44c035a4975693100d1b1e67579eef5e.jpgPXL_20230605_122144711.thumb.jpg.b07829406afe4594e27d7534d154742e.jpg

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