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What would you like to see in future Predator installments?

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Here’s some things I’d like to see in the future Predator films (comics and games as well) regarding Yautja characters.

I want them to portray the Predators how they are, skilled intergalactic hunters who have basically conquered space and most of it’s races. Many games and certain comics have gotten it right showing us skilled elite Predators who destroy anything standing in their path. In every race there are more skilled individuals than others, with that being said I think they should focus stories on Elite Predators with great skill and having them overcome any opponent.
I feel people at times underestimate the Predators’ skills because they base their opinion on a few members of the Predator race who have lost like Jungle Hunter, City Hunter and some of the ones who have fought super heroes or named characters. They tend to forget that those Predators who lost are part of very successful clans with individuals far more skilled than them. Also saying something like “Dutch can defeat one so x character could” is technically a very ignorant point of view because that would be like saying “because Hawkins died all other humans would die too”.
Another point that is important to understand is usually in some installments they are made to lose because the writer feels they don’t want to upset the viewer because they want to have a “happy ending” and have the hero or “good” character even like the Bear in Predator: Primal (1997) because the reader would rather sympathize with them instead of a “villainous” “murderous” character like Predator. Imagine a comic where a Predator would defeat and kill say Batman, most people would be sad or unhappy. 
I think that needs to change they to make a change and take more risks and twists and have the Predators defeat their opponents regardless of what most people would like or rather side with a “hero” type character. I feel Dark Horse has done some masterpieces but also has underwhelmed the Predator character making them lose to pathetic characters like the man from Predator: Strange Roux (1996), or if not have them lose to iconic characters like Tarzan which most Predators would destroy.
Smart way to go about this is portray the Predator like an anti-hero in future installments how many stories have like Aliens versus Predator 2 (2001), Predator: Concrete Jungle (2005), Aliens vs. Predator (2010) and many more have brilliantly done. I want to see more Predators like:
-Prince Baal (AvP2)
-Scarface (Concrete Jungle)
-Dark (AvP2010) 
-Ahab (Fire and Stone/Life and Death)
-Wolf (AvPR)
-Dachande/Broken Tusk (AvP1990)
-Elder Greyback (P2)
Lastly my dream Predator film is somewhat similar to the opening of the Predator campaign for AvP2; an anti-hero type Predator hunting on another alien planet likely Weyland-Yutani mercenaries/Colonial Marines, set around the time of Aliens and Alien 3. Imagine a team with good cast member like Dutch’s team but the roles are reversed, these guys are the “bad guys” so the audience wants the Predator to come out victorious. 
I’m sure most fans of the Predator character fans share at least a similar wish like mine. 💀


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Personally I’m very glad Disney bought and kept it, why? Two particular reasons:


1. Disney owning “both” Alien and Predator secures future Aliens vs. Predator movies, games, books etc. 


2. A lot of people fail to realize that Disney has the funds to give us endless amounts of future Alien and Predator installments and merchandise, which myself as life-long dedicated Alien and Predator fan is what I want the most, I never want this franchise to end.


Fox wasn’t doing great, that can be seen with The Predator (2018) which was borderline lore sacrilege. Shane Black even had to do damage control via Twitter about the whole DNA harvesting business which went against Yautja laws and codes, confirming it was only one isolated Clan who practiced such things, something which desperately needed to be in the film.


Also a while ago a friend pointed out to me that Disney has owned Miramax Studios for the better of like 20 years if I remember correctly and that released R-rated films all the time. 

Personally like every fan I would like the movie to be R but I won’t complain if it’s PG-13 and it “delivers” a solid Yautja story without contradicting established lore and the performances and atmosphere is on point. 

Missed a word.
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