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MVious' Fugitive Predator build progress


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Hi hunters! 

Started my Fugitive build this week. So I started with buying the Fugitive bio mask (with attached dreads) and Pred body suit of spandex. 

The sculpt on the bio mask is decent but the dreads were hollow and WAY to short. No way those are going to "stick around". So I cut them. Going to purchase some EVA foam dowels, cut them to have those indentations(?) and plastidip them before painting them matte black. Probably going to make the dread rings out of 1mm foam as well. 

As for the Pred body suit, I'm going to more than likely using some black and dark brown fabric to paint the skin just to give it some of that "scaly"(?) feel. Speaking of the body, I cut out some 2mm EVA foam into the shape of the claws. Painted them black and sealed with mod podge for the glossy look and will super glue those to the finger tips of the body suit

Started to also make that top plate of the chest armor out of 2mm EVA foam. The raised parts will be cut out of 1mm EVA foam. 

For the wrist computer, I found a 3d print file online and will send it to a friend to get it printed to my size. As for the wristblade gauntlet, I am not too sure if the design is the same with just the blades mounted on top of it? I can't tell from the reference photos. If someone can send some reference pics in the comments, that will be very appreciated. And for the plasmacaster and mounting arm, I did purchase a 3d print file of that last week and will get that printed too. Does anyone know the exact length of the plasmacaster?

That's all the progress I have for now! Glad to be back in the fandom that started my cosplaying journey all those years ago. 








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Front of the torso armor. Finding it a bit difficult to scale the armor down to my small 5'3" frame but I managed to get these pieces made from EVA foam cut and shaped. The "tear drop" shaped chainmail texture will be drawn in and done in fabric paint. These will be done in 2-3 layers to give it that raised texture. Once that's done, it will be sealed in mod podge to prep for painting.

Will probably work on the belt, closed shuriken, cod armor after I finish the front and back of the torso. 



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