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My back pack sound effects

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Okay so I had a sound effect t-shirt that I out grew but the cool thing about the sound effects shirts is you can replace the sounds with your own sounds instead so I download what free sounds for the predator at the time where available and had to rename them to what number each button was to get them to work and boom 20 sounds at my disposal.

image.thumb.jpg.2def483ba644ba032f4c142e15ed98d9.jpgtwo remotes one is for the plasma caster ( white one ) and the other is for my sound effects .image.thumb.jpg.f9403f20788767a9e54d1d52baf0467d.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.0cd6d287fcd073675ae3f06eb00e369f.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.5c71bd5e9aa7822a7b41f4062fbb5aeb.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.1cf430c7396e2513232d11de30e2c347.jpgimage.thumb.jpg.a481656658791a3c9860441735493bc2.jpgstill need to weather down some bones and the caster but other then that  pretty happy with how it’s coming along.






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