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My new Ritual hunter


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So far I’ve made some new weapons, got my first latex body suit , and soon will have a new mask but for now my og avp rubies mask will do for now. I love how it came out got abit of a issue with my lower back showing when I bend so might make a sash to go around my waist to fix that but other then that I’m absolutely happy with it ! I feel like I came off the big screen,  Hope you all like it too !C4C55E50-F943-4FE8-BCD3-7DAEE917FE94.thumb.jpeg.5da87a7aede5b36fbf8e11e5dd9f5373.jpeg88CDA877-FDD0-4305-8168-CB913BD00D2D.thumb.jpeg.72b76b69500d05a03f9629c728a4840f.jpeg6620242A-0353-4FA7-8AD6-0FC39B142DA9.thumb.jpeg.524fcd21b41b7925bd4da3c5ff654772.jpegB836B786-9B60-4145-B9B5-8526ACA1C5A9.thumb.jpeg.5c47cbc6a77678fb8441f5ff3d40830e.jpegC359A4A0-E650-49C6-ACA5-8CFC6C0BA478.thumb.jpeg.66cef0e668c183836a0767f68f797128.jpegDFED307B-2A72-4D6F-A4C0-B70099B83699.thumb.jpeg.9e9c4af7cea5d4672f436404b4f2dadb.jpegFA78F940-6F2D-4B4B-952E-30689FDDB8A8.thumb.jpeg.562bfd20a474cdb101361570f06d4236.jpegEEED9ED7-3EBB-4B16-B863-80A9B4BF5226.thumb.jpeg.33863c1d93206bf6e651082e7b4ab438.jpegThink I found my new profile picture lol4DF49308-9326-4FCE-9113-EA3ED9905481.thumb.jpeg.06d463254e0e7bb6a88eb0f2951b9bf8.jpeg

this suit had a little part of my favorite predators seen on the big screen. All of them mashed up to creat my armor for my Ritual hunter Eka CB183D0B-24DB-46A8-A4A4-DAD94F76EBFA.thumb.jpeg.e0fa1ce3ffd540ad9028705d91b1abf9.jpeg”  You can't see the eyes of the demon, until him come callin'.” 
-king Willie predator 2

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Looking good. Making the most of the rubies for sure! Looks great. All your suit blends well and the overall setup of the suit works. Proportions are good. I see the lifts on your feet. Got that extra height. 👍


Go find some woods and take some pics at dusk. Dark shadows. Contrast. It will make your suit pop. 

Or maybe some industrial district.

Dark alley.


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