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Painting a bio disaster

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We all learn.

Sometimes from others.

Sometimes the hard way.


Today I learned the hard way.

I got this P1 with plans to make I a movie accurate version. 

Story goes as follows.

1. Months ago, primed it with Rust-Oleum automotive primer.

Primer dried. But the primer cracked horrifically. Like a dry lake bed.

I blamed my prep work and body filler.

The cracking was frustrating so the project sat on the healing bench till this week. Wanted to get it on my wall.


2. Took the helmet off the shelf.

Sanded ALL the cracking away. Got it smooth. Ready for paint.

3. Painted with the same primer.

Got the same result. River bed cracking! Ffs.


Friends informed me that old cans of primer can gas off the solvent. When the solvent is reduced in the van the paint dries too fast. Making cracks.

So... The lesson learned.

Check the date on your cans before using them. Mine was 2019.PXL_20220915_142022025.thumb.jpg.e38305317c273d138988a3f0059299e1.jpg

Cracked primer. FML



all the sanding done prior to paint.



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