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Do you have to know how to sculpt to become a Predator

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    I have always wanted to make a Predator 2 costume ever since I first saw the movie in theatres back in 1991. Finding this awesome page full of great how to's and such has been really awesome. The amount of talent the members of The Hunter's Lair have is nothing short of astounding. With that being said, I have a question about creating a Predator costume in general. What does one do if they have basically zero sculpting talent? I only ask, because as I have been looking at the many how to forums on making the various parts of the Predator, the head, whole body, hands and feet. I have noticed that many speak of sculpting those pieces using clay. My experience with clay is limited to High School ceramics where I tried to make a rendition of the Night on Bald Mountain Demon and basically made a giant ant hill. Recently, I did purchase a 3D printer and have printed out some really awesome parts for my custom Mandalorian costume (picture attached). I look forward to hearing any pointers other members can share. 


Thank you in advance, Daren


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I know you've already spoken to myself and a few others since posting this same question on the Lair's Facebook page, but I just wanted to say welcome once more after seeing your post here. 

Looking forward to seeing the P2 build you pursue as you tackle your neext project focused on our favorite City Hunter!


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