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Thought I would create a page of movie prop auctions that show people moving their collections.

Let's make this a dumping ground for any prop store auctions we find of screen used items etc.
Don't put any fan made/costume auctions here. Those can be posted in the buy sell trade section.


Auctions High Resolution Images   <---- Here



"Predator Alien" Spaceship Filming Miniature from Predator (TCF, 1987). Original model miniature spacecraft constructed of cast fiberglass, resin, acrylic and multimedia components. Expertly studio assembled, painted and finished in industrial gray, black and amber. The filming miniature features a custom pipe and wood base display stand and is outfitted with electronics to be triggered by a button on the base. Electronics present but untested. The model ship measures 15" x 12" x 7" and when attached to its bent pipe and wooden base, measures 15" tall. Exhibiting production wear and handling. In Very Good to Fine condition. Includes a Joel Silver signed LOA dated April 20, 2022. Comes with a COA from Heritage Auctions.



No opening bids. Listed starting at $60,000.00.  WOW. 






Original predator concept. Not used in the final film.


Early Concept "Yautja" (Predator) Maquette from Predator (TCF, 1987). Original production maquette constructed of high-grade oil-based modeling clay over pipe armature and affixed to wooden base. The clay sculpture has been studio painted to present an early concept in the design evolution of the ultimate "Predator" alien. The 20" x 13" 12" maquette is attached to a 24" x 20" x 2" wooden base. Exhibiting some age and handling. In Very Good to Fine condition. Also comes with a 3.5" x 6" x 1" alien half head profile sculpt in modeling clay on 10" x 8" Masonite board. Both pieces remain stable but malleable and requiring cooler temperature for preservation of the clay. Includes a Joel Silver signed LOA dated April 20, 2022. Comes with a COA from Heritage Auctions.


Current bid $5250.00





Predator 2 personal script of Joel Silver and Bounded Printed Storyboards


Producer Joel Silver's Personal Script and Bound Printed Storyboards for Predator 2: The Hunt Continues (Image Works, 1991). Original studio bound and bradded (2) Predator 2 documents including (1) 108-multi-color page Third Draft Script written by Jim and John Thomas and dated January 16, 1990, with cover signed "Joel" in the upper right corner and (1) 100+ page photocopied set of storyboard panels, averaging 3-panels per page. Both exhibit minor age, production handling and soiling. In generally Very Good condition. Includes a Joel Silver signed LOA dated April 20, 2022. Comes with a COA from Heritage Auctions.

Current bid $500.00

I am a Predator 2 groupie, fanboy, maniac so this one is verycool and tempting to bid on.
The storyboards on this one would be awesome to see. See what the actual original thoughts of what the film would be VS. the end result.





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This next auction is worth discussion.

It is listed as a sword from Predator 2.... read description below.
I am skeptical.
Opening bid $1500.00

Extraterrestrial Hunter's Hand Weapon Prop from Predator 2 (TCF, 1990). Original sword-style hand prop constructed of cast fiberglass and resin components, expertly assembled and painted in otherworldly, gold metallic paint with red tinge. Featuring a bell-shaped handguard with integral cross-grip and a serrated, tiered blade. The construction measures 26" x 9" x 9" and is a prime example of the visionary alien-tech design the Predator franchise is famous for. Exhibiting some chipping to edges, production wear and paint rubbing. In overall Very Good condition. Includes a Joel Silver signed LOA dated April 20, 2022. Comes with a COA from Heritage Auctions.



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Jesse Ventura "Sgt. Blain Cooper" Partial Minigun Prop from Predator (TCF, 1987). Original static, partial GE M134 handheld stunt Minigun prop constructed of cast hard rubber over supporting core armature. Nicknamed "Ol' Painless," this represents "Sgt. Cooper's" (Ventura) weapon of choice in the blockbuster Sci-Fi/Action film. The 32" long x 9.5 " round partial prop includes the front barrels and some of the housing hub at the base. The partial piece exhibits age and handling. In overall Very Good condition. From the personal collection of Producer Joel Silver. Includes a Joel Silver signed LOA dated April 20, 2022. Comes with a COA from Heritage Auctions.

Current bid $3600.00


Probably wood and rubber? Non functioning?

stunt mini gun predator 1.jpg

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Gonna have me some fun.

Liquor flash from Predator 1.

Jesse Ventura "Blain" Signature Liquor Flask from Predator (TCF, 1987). Original hero prop flask constructed of brass with screw-off hinged stopper, maker's mark stamps on front and back, and United States Special Forces crest and motto, "De oppresso liber" (to liberate the oppressed) metal badge affixed to the front. Part of "Blain's" (Ventura) character accessories from the blockbuster Sci-Fi action film. Visible, used by Ventura in the beginning of the film. Exhibiting studio distress, denting, production wear and expected patina. In Very Good condition. From the personal collection of Producer Joel Silver. Includes a Joel Silver signed LOA dated April 20, 2022. Comes with a COA from Heritage Auctions.

Current bid $4600




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My Holy Grail!

"Predator" Creature Suit Display from Predator 2 (TCF, 1990). Original creature suit constructed of cast foam latex with cast resin components, cloth and leather costume pieces and mixed media materials. Expertly assembled on a production mannequin and finished to appear as a life-sized alien predator. Stan Winston Studio crafted the head, hands and feet from the original molds and finished them to detail to complete the display for Joel Silver. This impressive figure towers at 7.5ft. x 53" x 32." Featuring a mix of production made pieces for display from Predator 2. Exhibiting signs of age, minor paint chipping, a loose tear on the foam of the left hand. In Very Good to Fine condition. Includes a Joel Silver signed LOA dated April 20, 2022. Comes with a COA from Heritage Auctions.

Opening bid $40,000.00





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Bone Grill Predator Bio which appears to be on a Wolf statue.


Opening bid $30,000

Hero "Bone Grill Predator" Screen Used Creature Suit and Display from Alien vs. Predator: Requiem (TCF, 2007). Original life-size alien Predator creature suit display constructed of cast foam latex rubber prosthetic pieces, cast fiberglass armor components, polyfoam elements, embedded acrylic teeth, finger and toenails, all expertly assembled on a production mannequin, seamed, painted and finished to appear as the ultimate alien sports hunter. All are screen used prosthetic pieces and body armor direct from ADI archives. The iconic, hero mask is constructed of cast fiberglass shell, wire screened eyes, characteristic "grill" of human bones at the mouth port and expertly applied metalized paint and distress and is the only hero existing. The mask covers the static "open-face" Predator's face, which was employed whenever the character wore the mask on screen. The figure stands 84" x 64" x 53" including spectacular wooden base decorated as a jungle set piece with faux rocks and foliage. The predator is holding a xenomorph head in its left hand. The Predator also hovers over the partial head and torso of a screen used life-sized xenomorph from the ADI archives, that has been violently slain and eviscerated. The alien puppet is highly visible when the "Wolf Predator" throws its two Shuriken weapons at charging Aliens, slicing the top of this puppet's head off. The Predator's body suit is Ian Whyte's hero and was used in the film's finale battling the "PredAlien." The green wounds on the right arm can be matched to these scenes. The environmental display stand with hyper-realistic rocks and foliage makes this incredible figure complete and ready for a place of pride in your collection. The monumental display and figure capture the atmosphere and environment of the AVP movies as well as the consistent quality of craft and skill of Academy Award-winning special effects group Amalgamated Dynamics, Inc. (ADI). NOTE: The winning bidder must arrange pick up or shipping of the item from Beverly Hills, CA within 2 weeks of the auction, otherwise storage fees will apply. Comes with a COA from Heritage Auctions.





Some excellent Wolf reference and a cool Bio design. 

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Predator 1 movie concept artwork.

"Predator Alien" (15+) Concept Artworks from Predator (TCF, 1987). Original collection of hand painted (15+) alien concept artworks accomplished in ink and gouache, on 17" x 14" animation acetate and illustration board. Some in multiple acetate layers, animation-style. Exploring alien design, alien tech, invisibility FX, environments, thermal imagery, weaponry, and more. The genesis of one of the most impactful and influential alien designs in modern filmmaking. Exhibiting production wear, age and handling. In generally Very Good to Fine condition. Includes a Joel Silver signed LOA dated April 20, 2022. Comes with a COA from Heritage Auctions.

Current bid $1000.00







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Oh yeah! More Predator 2 stuff. In my opinion, the best ever.

Peter Kevin Hall "Predator" retracted static "Combistick" from Predator 2. (TCF, 1990) Original static "Combistick" prop constructed of cast hard rubber panels and components assembled over a core armature of copper pipes and metal components. Expertly painted and finished to appear as Alien bio-tech. With hard rubber, metallized arrow tips on each end. In the movie, a Combistick is a telescopic spear that can be used both as a close-quarters hand-to-hand weapon and thrown like a spear. This is a non-telescoping, compact, static version of the weapon. The prop measures 37.5 in. long and 4 in. round. Exhibiting minor production wear. In very good condition.




Sold for $34000.00  !!! WOW



Predator 2 Disc.

Kevin Peter Hall "Predator" stunt open cutting discus prop from Predator 2. (TCF, 1990) Vintage original static stunt prop constructed of cast, skinned polyfoam with cast resin bridging components holding the two sides of the 11.5 in. round discus together. With 4-integral finger holes on one half and a thumb grip hole on the other. All expertly assembled and finished to appear as metallic alien-tech weaponry. Exhibiting production wear and some dings and rubbing to edges. In very good condition.

Sold for $7040.00




Predator 2 "Snake Predator" foam latex mask. I saw this when it was on display at Planet Hollywood NYC. I think I took about a thousand pictures of it.
They had it displayed in such a terrible spot. It was high up on a wall over a stairwell and was impossible to get an up close look at it.

Sold for $7680.00

"Predator" prosthetic mask display from Predator 2. (TCF, 1990) Prosthetic mask constructed of cast foam latex rubber Predator head with the same markings as the lead Predator (Kevin Peter Hall) including foam latex quills, resin teeth and mandibles, and cast foam latex dreadlock/tentacles embedded. All expertly studio assembled and painted in bug-like ambers and browns. The iconic Alien was created for display after production and is accompanied by a polyfoam head form, which includes sculpted integral neck rings in cast foam latex. Measuring 18 x 13 x 15 in. Exhibiting some age and wear. Deterioration to the neck plate flashing and some areas of the mouth. In generally very good condition.



Full size Predator 2 spear.
Sold for $12,000.00

Kevin Peter Hall "The Predator" extended combi-stick spear from Predator 2. (TCF, 1990) Consisting of a central wooden shaft encircled by tiered bands of fiberglass spears with resin heads and central "biomechanical" grip of cast polyfoam, expertly studio painted to resemble copper and alien tech. Measuring approx. 95 x 4 in. Wielded by the Predator as he rampages through Los Angeles. Highly visible when the alien hunter is on top of the Eastern building and lifts his spear skyward, drawing down a bolt of lightning. Exhibiting production wear, some chipping to resin and foam components, missing spear heads, and broken tips and shafts. In good condition.




My boy Brother Boar. Love this helmet and design, so cool.

"Predator" character display from Predator 2. (TCF, 1990) Original (4) piece Predator display including (1) signature bio-helmet constructed of cast fiberglass shell and expertly painted and finished in weathered detailing to appear as alien forged metal affixed to (1) iconic Predator mask of foam latex appliances assembled on a display form and (2) Predator hands constructed of nylon gloves impregnated with cast foam latex prosthetic alien hands. Helmet and mask are affixed to each other and attached to a plexiglass pole set upon a square wooden base. Head display is finished with scraps of leather remnants. Some of the characteristic dreadlock tentacles are detached but present. Rubber components exhibit heavy deterioration particularly to hands. The entire assembled display measures approx. 35 x 22 x 22 in. In production used fair to very good condition.


Sold for $10,200.00





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