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HCG Predator 2 Disc

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Seeing as I am a nut for all things Predator 2.

My favorite of all the films. Partly because I am a 90s kid but mostly due to the expanded universe they created with the City Hunter. Weapons, tactics and of course we see the Predator ship and the Lost Hunter Clan. Its hard to beat and is an excellent stand alone film.

I missed the boat the first time around on these disc's from Hollywood Collectibles Group.
Glad they are remaking them so I can get my hands on one.

I preordered this already. They are nice enough to allow for payment plans. Sore dick deal if you ask me.


Lights up just like the movie. 
Comes with a weird looking stand.
HCG Exclusive version is Limited to 150 copies.
Regular version is 500 copies
Kung fu grip action. Opens and closes.
Slices porterhouse steaks.


VIDEO of the lights in action.


1 hcg disc.pngPred-disc-700-01.jpg





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