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  1.  I would like to say that it is so awesome to have a page dedicated to the Baddest Hunter in the galaxy. Next to my other favorite Hunter, Boba Fett, I don't think there is any other character that is as cunning and skilled as The Predator. My ranking of the Predator species would be the following highest to lowest. 1) Predator 2 2) Wolf Predator 3) 1987 Predator 4) AVP Predators 5) Predators 6) The Predator and finally 7) The Feral Predator. In respect to costumes, I want to reiterate how I think there is a ton of amazing talent in this group. What you men and women create from clay and other materials is absolutely amazing. It shows in your amazing costumes.

    Thank you, Daren


    PREDATOR2 - lightning strike no border.jpg

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