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What Is So Fascinating About the Predator?
This is a question that has intrigued me for the longest time. What is it about the Predator that draws you in? What causes one to sculpt, mold, paint, draw and spend our hard earned money on 1:1 props, model kits, video games and the of course the movies? What brings you to the Hunters Lair?


Here's how it started for me:

I started off drawing Predators.  I progressed to model kits, moved on to 1:1 scale props and eventually I made my way here where I met a bunch of cool people who helped me put together a full size Predator suit...latex head, body, hands, feet, armor etc.


Why do I collect these things? I am fascinated by the Predator...in fact everything about the Predator:
The Hunter Mentality - hunt down the prey and kill it. If you are armed and you get in its way - you are now considered collateral and expendable... Once the hunt is killed, the head is removed along with the flesh and then the skull is polished. The skull is placed with pride where all can see and know who defeated it.
Stealth - while cloaked the Predator can sneak up on its enemy. Not only that, but seeing the eyes in the Bio flash is totally cool!


Lean Mean Fighting Machine - the slim and fit body covered by a few pieces of armor boasts of courage and arrogance. He can swing from treetops and be pushed beyond the physical thresholds that would exhaust an athletic human. They are taught to ignore pain in the most extreme situations. Lose a limb? Cauterize the wound and keep fighting.


Armor - The minimal armor means that the Predator is confident in its abilities and that it doesn't fear being wounded in battle. The Bio helmet has many roles: vision modes, supplies air and protects the face from damage. It also prevents its enemies from being scared to death by its fearsome face! The various Bio helmets allow for individuality and customization.


Weapons - Lets face it - the Predator doesn't NEED them, but it sure helps when he has a small army of green berets and xenomorphs after him!


The Dreads - They swing gracefully when just hanging there and then whip around from side to side when the Predator quickly moves his head. They are adorned by the rings/beads that are made of bone, metal, leather, etc. If you cut them off, do they grow back like a lizards tail? I dunno, but I wouldn't want to be the one to find out.


The Face: The mandibles always reminded me of the legs of a spider. The P2 head reminds me of the abdomen of a spider. I HATE spiders, which makes it even more confusing that I admire this creature so much! The mouth in particular is an amazing design. When Stan Winston came up with the idea for mandibles, he really hit the nail on the head. The mandibles move independently and look bloody cool when they are open. When I first saw the Predator remove his Bio helmet I was sitting on the edge of my seat...nothing like that had ever been seen before. THEN when it opened its mandibles and roared I thought, "why is Arnie not running in the other direction?!?!"


Samurai Characteristics - Predators have honor. They do not kill humans unless they are armed...there is no sport in killing an unarmed opponent. They are a clan of brothers that fight together. They cover each others back in battle and are there for support when one goes down. Predators do not leave their wounded to rot on the blood soaked battlefield. As I write this, I can't help but think of Casey and how we have all come together to support and pray for him...


Those cool clicking sounds he makes are so freaking cool!
I think the Predator moves perfectly...there is no hesitation, fumbling, or awkwardness. They are silent when needed and can be swift and relentless in the blink of an eye. The mannerisms and movements of the Predator are beautiful to watch: crouching to avoid detection; exaggerated hand movements when removing the Bio helmet; cocking the head to see where an attack is coming from; etc When I saw Kevin Peter Hall in the very first movie I was so impressed by the way he portrayed the Predator that I didn't for one second think there was a guy in that suit...I thought I was looking at a real live alien being who was hunting men. THATS how convincing KPH was to me. Recently in Aliens Vs Predator - AVP2, Ian Whyte did a good job portraying the Wolf Predator, but I know that KPH is still the one who started it all...

But...I refuse to acknowledge Alien Vs Predator. I HATE Alien Vs Predator.  It messed with the whole Predator lore that we had all come to love. Alien Vs Predator however regained a bit of composure by bring us Wolf. Ian Whyte did an absolutely incredible job moving just like the first and second Predators - played by Kevin Peter Hall. Sure, the movie's story and human characters sucked...and they gave away the ending when they showed Chet and Wolfie in a death lock before the movie was even out - BUT we have Wolf who really does kick ass. Wolf could easily go toe to toe with any formidable foe, and even another Predator.


That pretty much sums it all up...I love absolutely everything about the Predator and thats why I spend so much freaking time on this message board!  Well, that and the fact that I've made some really cool friends here.  People I would call my 'second family'...

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